The hunt for who will don the cape and cowl in Matt Reeves’s new movie is not over yet. And, reportedly, the choice is between two contenders.

Nicholas Hoult (currently Beast in the last few X-Men films) and odds-on favorite Robert Pattinson are conducting screen tests that will decide who the new Batman is. This update comes from Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood who tweeted the news, saying:

Pattinson appeared to be a lock initially, only for reps at Warner Bros. to correct the record and say the two sides hadn’t reached a deal. That put the Twilight actor in the camp of the top prospect as word surfaced Hoult was also vying for the part. Both have been met with a strong social media reaction — for and against.

Gonzalez wrote they are screen testing in a Batsuit. This is only his suspicion but a logical one with a precedent. Christian Bale did his screen test for Batman Begins with Amy Adams in a costume left over from Batman Forever. Tape of it later surfaced online as a funny look back at a time before either reached superstar status marked by the comic book characters they played.

Casting directors, as well as filmmakers and studios, need an idea of how an actor will look on screen in costume especially when you’re dealing with a superhero movie. Hence, the dueling screen tests make a lot of sense.

Production is supposed to start in early 2020 because of the newest delay but could commence even earlier as British site UK Production News thinks it will. They report cameras will roll “in London this Autumn.”

If this is the case, Matt Reeves is coming down to the wire. Announcements have to be made official soon to make every deadline including the June 2021 release date.

Who do you think we’ll see as the next Batman? Either pique your interest? Let us know.