Today’s cosplay of the day is Effy as Overwatch’s Mercy with the Winged Victory skin.

Take a look.

Overwatch’s Mercy is a 37 year old Swiss Field Medic and First Responder whose real name is Angela Ziegler. She is not only a gifted medic, but a brilliant scientist who has applied her own technology to her own body that slows her aging process.

After obtaining her MD and PHD in Switzerland she became the head of surgery at a Swiss hospital. While there she made breakthroughs in nanobiology that helped treat a number of life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

She would be approached by Overwatch, but was initially skeptical of their militaristic approach given she had lost her parents in war. However, she realizes she can help save many more people if she joins Overwatch and does so. She develops the Valkyrie swift-response suit that allows her to provide healing on the frontline.

She would eventually leave Overwatch, but continued to dedicate herself to helping those affected by war even donning her Valkyrie suit when the need arises.

The character is voiced by Lucie Pohl.

Mercy is primarily used as a healer in Overwatch.

The Winged Victory skin which Effy cosplays as was introduced back in 2017 as a special skin during the annual Summer Games event. The skin is currently unlocked via 1000 credits.