Some major news has come out over the week from The Pokemon Company during a press conference in Tokyo Japan. Much of it was exciting, some of it was curious, yet it all shows that the world of Pokemon isn’t waiting for the future, they’re looking to shape it.

During their press event, The Pokemon Company outlined five major changes coming to the world of Pokemon. Some I’d say as a player is very welcoming. But others seem very odd to say the least. But if they’re confident in announcing then I’d expect to see something interesting soon.

1. Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home Logo

First up is Pokemon Home. As someone who has been playing Pokemon for the better part of 20+ years now, one thing that has always been a pain was the desire to keep Pokemon with you along your journeys to new lands and new games. Of course, they always had the trade feature, but Pokemon Home will be a centralized location where trainers can manage all of their Pokemon across a number of games.

Pokemon Home is being advertised as a cloud solution to the problem of housing all your Pokemon in one area. This service app will allow players to connect their Pokemon from Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokemon Let’s Go, Eeeve, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and Pokemon GO.

It will also allow for a trade feature so you can trade Pokemon with friends as well as a future addition where multiple people can trade in a single location at the same time.

Pokemon Home is looking to launch early 2020 on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

2. Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep logo

Next up is Pokemon Sleep.

You ever wanted to use your sleep as a means to win a game? Well, it looks like The Pokemon Company has you covered. Pokemon Sleep will use your own sleeping patterns to help you progress in the Pokemon world. Pokemon Sleep will use an embedded accelerometer to track your sleep cycle and uses Bluetooth technology to transfer this information to your smartphone.

The game will use a new device called Pokemon Go Plus+.

Without losing the functions of the original Pokemon Go Plus, this device will help track your sleeping. How this will fit into the game, such as rewards, and other gameplay has yet to be revealed. But Pokemon Sleep shows that The Pokemon Company is not risk-averse and are looking for new ways to integrate Pokemon into the lives of their fans.

It is expected to launch on mobile devices in 2020.

3. Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters logo

Up next is another mobile game to join the Pokemon family.

The new mobile game is called Pokemon Masters. It will be a joint effort between The Pokemon Company and DeNA.

In this game, players will get to focus on the battle aspect of the Pokemon world. You can expect to see many famous trainers such as Brock within the game when it goes live. The gameplay is designed for smartphones so it should run a bit smoother than the current Player versus Player feature in Pokemon Go.

You can expect to see Pokemon Masters sometime in late 2019 with greater details coming later this month.

4. Detective Pikachu

Following the release of the popular Detective Pikachu film, Pokemon will introduce a new Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will be a direct sequel to the original Detective Pikachu game released on the Nintendo 3DS, which ended in a cliffhanger. Expect this game to conclude that storyline.

More information will come out as we approach release.

5. Pokémon Shirts

Finally, The Pokemon Company closed their Tokyo press conference with the announcement of Pokemon shirts. The president of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, ended the conference detailing this new service.

The service will allow fans to create made-to-order clothing designs featuring the original 151 Pokemon.

It is currently limited to Japan, but they do plan to expand into the United States and Europe.

What do you think of all of this? It looks like The Pokemon Company has its eyes set to the future. Do you have a favorite announcement? If so, let us know what you’re looking forward to!