Fans have launched a campaign to #SaveSwampThing after reports indicated that Warner Bros. cancelled the DC Universe show after releasing the first episode.

Tons of fans have taken to Twitter to let DC Universe, Warner Bros., and DC Comics know they want Swamp Thing to continue and many specifically noted they subscribed to DC Universe specifically for Swamp Thing.

Not only do fans appear to be rallying to save Swamp Thing, but actress Crystal Reed, who plays Dr. Abby Arcane, posted to Twitter for the first time since last October noting that her mood was “rebellion.”

Two petitions have also been launched on calling for DC Universe to save Swamp Thing. One has been signed by over 145 people and the other signed by over 250 already.

DC Universe, DC Comics, nor Warner Bros. have addressed the reports that Swamp Thing has been cancelled.

However, the official Swamp Thing twitter account did just post a behind-the-scenes video promoting Swamp Thing.

It’s unclear why Swamp Thing was reportedly cancelled. Deadline speculates the new leadership of WarnerMedia is evaluating the entire DC Universe platform following AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner. They also speculate that WarnerMedia leadership is not high on Swamp Thing and they point to the series seeing its episode count reduced from 13 to 10 episodes in April.

Wilmington’s StarNews indicated the reason the episodes were reduced from 13 to 10 in April was due to creative decisions. However, they now note that their sources from within the production indicate it could be due to financial burdens.

They report, “Others pointed to the hefty $85 million price tag the series estimated it would spend on its first season in North Carolina, a figure revealed in its film grant applications.”

They also note that Swamp Thing was deemed eligible for a $12 million grant from the state. North Carolina Department of Commerce spokesman David Rhoades stated, “The production company had a clear understanding of the resources available from the state under the grant program, and proceeded with the production here on that basis.”

Do you want Warner Bros. and DC Universe to #SaveSwampThing? What do you make of fans wanting to #SaveSwampThing?

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