Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have both released their audience and user scores for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score for “Verified” audience members currently sits at 65%.

However, if the score drops 5 percentage points if you look at all audience members. It has a 60% score.

Here’s what people are saying:

Porkvan P gives the film 3 stars. They write, “The movie isn’t good or bad either, is ok it’s enjoyable to watch.”

Bob R gives the film one and half stars. He writes, “How many times does the Phoenix saga have to be done to get it right? Simon Kinberg-sucked. Sophie Turner-sucked. Jennifer Lawrence-sucked-glad your character died. Bring her back as Rebecca Romijn again and maybe Famke Janssen while you’re at it.”

Sean W gives the film one and half stars. He writes, “It was a rehash of The Last Stand but with aliens instead of the mutant cure. I still don’t know Jessica Chastain’s character. And Jean’s death at the end creates a huge plothole for the good future ending of Days of Future Past.”

Cali Phoenix gives the film 5 stars. They write, “Awesome movie! I loved it.”

Aiden M gives the movie 3 stars. They write, “A deeply flawed movie that is made extremely watchable by an outstanding lead performance and a damn good score from Hans Zimmer.”

Manuel A gives the movie 5 stars. He writes, “Best X-men movie ever. Sophie Turner is the Phoenix… and for x-fans has Easter eggs.”

Eric T gives the movie 1 star. He writes, “T.S. Eliot – “The world ends/Not with a bang, but a whimper.””

Jaylon gives the movie 4 and a half stars. They write, “The reviews are totally wrong about this one. This was a massive improvement compared to the last stand. Sophie Turner dazzled as both hero and villain in this powerful finale to the X-men series. This movie had the best character development and Jessica Chastain was very well played as a mysterious villain.”


The film fares far worse for among moviegoers on Metacritic. It currently has a 4.8 User Score with 29 positive reviews, 19 mixed reviews, and 38 negative reviews.

Here’s what folks on Metacritic are saying:

Firebluetom gives the movie a 3. They write, “Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen. But at a loss of words when it comes to say anything good about it. The acting wasn’t bad, but at times was flat. The story as it relates to the comics was way off. Overall, sirens your money elsewhere.”

JPK gives the movie a 4. They write, “X-Men Deserved Better
Dark Phoenix is extremely disappointing, but I’m sadly not surprised considering it’s extremely troubled production and multiple delays.”

ivanshvedko gives the movie a 0. They write, “This is baaaad. This is not an X-Men movie. Cringe is the king of this so-called movie. It is not a movie.”

Sandborn gives the film a 5. They write, “A real dull first half, barely redeemed by second half. The first half was more of a heavy-handed drama than what a superhero movie should be. It were as if I was watching a soap opera. The movie begins to pick up steam as the aliens gradually get involved. There is a huge payoff at the end, and I thought Sophie Turner did a great job as Jean Grey. I suggest people go into this with low expectations in order to get some enjoyment.”

afatalstabbing gives the movie a 3. They write, “It was no real secret how wholly disinterested Jennifer Lawrence appeared in X-men Apocalypse, now imagine that applied to every character in Dark Phoenix with the exception of James McAavoy (barely) and Sophie Turner. Nobody looked like they wanted to be there and by 30 minutes in, if not sooner, you’ll realize that you don’t want to be here either.”

TropicAces gives the movie a 6. They write, “I went into this expecting a disaster (being reshot twice and delayed thrice doesn’t instill much confidence). Yet somehow, despite the growing “oh, we’re still doing this?” vibe and the cliche script, I found myself enjoying this film. The action and performances are actually solid enough (aside from a phoning-in-as-usual Jennifer Lawrence). Is it as good as “Days of Future Past” or the send-off a 20 year old franchise deserves? No, but it’s far from the clickbait dumpsterfire critics may lead you to believe.”

Chris98 gives the movie a 10. They write, “I don’t care what critics or haters say. I loved this movie. I liked it more than Endgame. Everything was done very well. Fight scenes were amazing. The movie perfectly shows Jean’s transformation into the dark phoenix and her powers.”

ScienceAdvisor gives the film a 3. They write, “A terrible script meets worse directing and an editor that must have been kept in the dark as to the purpose of many of the scenes. A few decades ago this would have been put in the vault and never seen the light of day. If you want something more entertaining check out the reasons people are giving this a 10. Even the shills are phoning this one in.”

Did you see Dark Phoenix? What did you think of it? Do you plan on seeing it based on these Audience reactions or do they convince you to skip it?