Ubisoft announced a brand new Rainbow Six game in Rainbow Six Quarantine at E3.

Along with the announcement they released a teaser trailer.

They then provided an interview with lead game designer Bio Jade who discussed the game and what players can expect.

Lead game designer Bio Jade described the game, “Quarantine is a squad based tactical shooter for three players at a time.” She added, “It’s a brand new Quarantine that was formed here in Ubisoft Montreal.  As a huge Rainbow Six fan that wanted to take a poke at it with a PVE/Co-Op aspect that we really wanted to bring a new experience.”

Jade also noted the game is similar to Rainbow Six Siege, “There is. You will see a lot of similarities when you play. Everything related to gameplay, and also using your gadget, tactic, destruction. But you don’t have to be a Rainbow Six Siege player to play Quarantine. It’s a good place to pick up and start within the brand.”

Jade wouldn’t provide any story details but she did confirm the teaser trailer features Ela and Vigil from Rainbow Six Siege. She noted they were included because “they are awesome.” She continued, “They are really deep, varied, and they bring a lot to the battlefield. An operator is not just a weapon, gadget, and a build team. They are a whole personal team. People like them. They already create fan art and fanfic about them.” She did note they will be different in Rainbow Six Quarantine because it’s a PvE-focused game. “However, using those operators in that new context really make them different. They feel not the same as they would in Rainbow Six Siege because you are in a PvE context, you are in co-op, you are in a squad. You want to be tactical and tackle your objectives.”

The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2020.