Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld: “DC Comics Gonna Drive Off a Cliff Here Real Soon”

Many feel DC is headed in the wrong direction or even on the decline. And artist and writer Rob Liefeld has noticed. He joined the voices pointing out DC’s chaos and lack of leadership.

On Twitter, Liefeld jumped into the fray by stating, “DC Comics gonna drive off a cliff here real soon…..gotta get my popcorn.”

Liefeld, who was there for the rise and later unrest of Image Comics, added he has never seen a company in the shape he sees DC in. He also poked fun at their undying devotion to Batman as a Panacea.

Mark Millar chimed in to play defense for DC saying the lineup is as strong as ever.

In a response, Liefeld teased Millar about his head being stuck in the 80s, to which Millar replied he loves the 80s and modern comics.

 “Mark, you’re reading your DC best of the 80’s collection again… happens to me too sometimes…”

Liefeld’s comments could cost him opportunities down the line. He knows and doesn’t care as long as DC restructures and gets its act together, saying also Batman will survive.

The Image Comics founder’s last update threw more shade at DC’s overreliance on Batman to keep up with Marvel. He stated as well his feeling he has been consistent in this analysis.

Liefeld is far from the only creator criticizing the current state of DC Comics. In the past, Ethan Van Sciver — who worked on both Flash Rebirth and Green Lantern Rebirth — has called out DC and claimed the industry will collapse over the Comics Gate controversy.

DC is experiencing a contraction in business as of late. They announced the rollback of their releases which incited mixed signals from insiders, and the newest rumor going around is they’re closing Vertigo. Months ago, several Vertigo books were either delayed or canceled.

Do you think we’re seeing the downfall of DC Comics? Tell us below.

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