An alleged set photo from DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Stargirl series appears to imply that the show will be set in the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol.

The set photo features a classic movie poster for a film called The Story starring Rita Farr. It was originally posted to the Stargirl Facebook group.

DC Comics and DC Universe fans will recognize the name Rita Farr. It’s the stage name for Gertrude Cramp. She also goes by Elasti-Girl in the comics and Elasti-Woman on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol.

The poster also teases Farr’s background as an Olympic gold medalist in swimming as it reads, “She risked everything to make a splash.”

April Bowlby portrays Elasti-Woman in the first season of Titans and reprised her role in Doom Patrol.

While this poster heavily implies that Stargirl will be set in the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol, creator of the show Geoff Johns told CBR that he wasn’t planning on having the show crossover with Titans and Doom Patrol. However, he did leave open the opportunity of the show connecting to Titans and Doom Patrol.

“For me, Stargirl was its own show with the Justice Society. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t eventually do something, but the goal is just to make a great Stargirl show right now, and — if it happens to interconnect in the future with other things — great.”

Johns did make it clear that Stargirl will have a much different tone than Titans and Doom Patrol:

“I love that it’s such a different tone than Titans or Doom Patrol that we’re working on, because the service… DC Universe, the channel — it’s bigger than a channel, I guess, because it’s got comics and everything else — but it should have different types of shows, just like on Netflix.”

He described that he wants Stargirl to be “a lot of fun and young, really young.”

“I love Ozark and I love GLOW, you know? And they’re very different shows, and I think it’s important to have a diversity of tones instead of everything fitting the same tone. I wanted to do Stargirl for a variety of reasons but part of it was to do something that was a lot of fun and young, really young.”

He noted that he hopes the show will be everybody, “I think everybody will be able to watch Stargirl, which is part of the appeal to it because you have generations of heroes.”

Stargirl doe snot have an official release date, but it is expected to debut on DC Universe sometime later this year.

What do you make of this alleged photo from the set of Stargirl? Are you interested in seeing Stargirl be part of the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol?