A new rumor indicates that CBS fired Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman from Star Trek.

Kurtzman is no stranger to Star Trek fans. He was key in launching the Kelvin timeline with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek film in 2009. Kurtzman was the writer on that film. Since then, he’s become an executive producer on almost everything Star Trek including Discovery, the upcoming Picard show, an upcoming animated Star Trek show, and the upcoming Star Trek: Lower Decks TV show.

Kurtzman inked a 5 year deal with CBS TV Studios last year worth $25 million according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The rumor comes from Gary Buechler aka Nerdrotic. Buechler notes a Star Trek insider contacted him and told him, “Kurtzman has been fired. He is refusing to give up the title but there are 3 producers who have taken over as showrunners.”

The source adds, “He has been replaced. He is refusing to lose the title but there are three other producer who are exercising his functions. He is not even allowed on set. He has been Orci’ed.”

Buechler does offer his opinion on the matter stating, “My guess is that he will be promoted out of the building considering his five year contract. I don’t think he will be outright fired in public unless something horrific happens.”

Star Trek: Discovery was renewed for a third season by CBS and they promoted writer Michelle Paradise as showrunner. Paradise would become the third showrunner for the show.

Despite CBS renewing the show for a third season, a number of reports indicate each episode is extremely expensive to produce. Variety reported that each episode of the first season cost between $8 million and $8.5 million.

However, CBS apparently was able to push that cost off to Netflix. Redef reports that “Netflix is believed to cover more than 100% of the cost of CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery for the exclusive rights to the series in most non-US markets.”

In fact Deadline notes that Former CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves noted that CBS’ deal with Netflix meant the series was “100% paid for.” That was before they aired it on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: Picard

Buechler notes that things behind the scenes have appeared to change as Netflix allegedly passed on the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series. Amazon Prime Video secured the global rights for the Star Trek: Picard series. Each episode will air within 24 hours on Amazon Prime following the U.S. premiere on CBS All Access.

However, Buechler’s insider notes the show is not screening well. His insider tells him the show has “75 to 80% negativity. The 20% who tested positive were people who labeled themselves Abrams fans like it.”

What do you make of this rumor? Is it too good to be true? If it is true, can CBS reunite the divided fandom? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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