William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series, responded to a Star Trek podcast host who wished he was dead.

Heather Rae of The Tricorder Transmissions, a Star Trek centric podcast, took to Twitter to wish William Shatner was dead.

Rae has since deleted the tweet, but you can see a screenshot below.

HeatherRae Tweet Against Shatne

As reported by Critical Blast, Rae would defend her Tweet and double down writing, “I simply wish that the better person who believed in equality was the one still with us. I won’t apologize for that.”

Shatner would initially respond with a simple statement, “What a thing to tweet!”

His response would come under attack from another member of The Tricorder Transmissions podcast, Admiral Fliss.

Fliss would attack Shatner in a now-deleted tweet describing him as having a “cis het white male privilege.” She would also attempt to paint Shatner bringing attention to the tweet as “turning his fanbase against a member of the queer Star Trek community.”

Admiral Fiss defending Heather

Shatner would respond to Fliss by describing Rae’s initial attack as a “death threat.” He would add that Fliss “should be ashamed.”

Shatner would add that The Tricorder Show continues to send people to attack him.

The Tricorder Transmissions would eventually issue their own statement saying, “We harbor no ill will for William Shatner, only appreciation and love for his work.” They added, “The creator of the tweet has chosen to step away from the network and we are all deeply saddened that this happened.”

They would add, “The remark was not intended as threat or to promote harm to anyone – and although her account has been made private, she has accepted responsibility for the poor wording, has deleted the tweet, and regrets having made it.”

Shatner would respond to The Tricorder Transmissions statement clearly mocking them, “Deeply saddened that someone who has a history of saying she wishes I was dead has left your organization but you have no ill will?” He then questioned, “s that a backhanded slam at me? You should have removed her immediately but instead you allowed another of you crew to attack as well.”

Shatner would also tweet out that he believes, “Anyone who uses the Star Trek name in a podcast or any fan production should be inclusive not exclusive and to hurl hatred for “poorly worded” tweets should be disallowed from using any reference to Star Trek in marketing their show.”

Shatner would continue to defend himself. He would note that this isn’t the first time Rae has made such statements.

He would reiterate that point.

Admiral Fliss would announce that they were “no longer associated with The Tricorder Transmissions podcast network” earlier this week.

What do you make of Shatner’s statements in response to Rae, Fliss, and The Tricorder Transmissions Network?

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