Oasis Games Ltd. announced a brand new One Punch Man mobile game titled One Punch Man: Road to Hero.

The game is described as a turn-based RPG. The story line will follow Yusuke Murata’s manga and will incorporate the first anime season’s plot and characters. It will feature dozens of chapters as well as over 50 characters for players to collect and play with.

Here’s the official description:

“”One Punch Man: Road to Hero” is a mobile game officially authorized by the renowned Anime “One Punch Man” with 100% replay of the original plot. And developed by OASIS GAMES. The game will follow the plot of the original series, which players can experience through dozens of chapters, collect and train heroes, and experience the power of the anime’s heroes and monsters!”

Confirmed characters include Saitama, Genos, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Fubuki, Tatsumaki aka Tornado of Terror, Mumen Rider, Bang aka Silverfang, Boros, Handsome Kamen Amai Mask, Metal Knight, The Deep Sea King, and Kabuto.

Along with a number of characters, it will also feature the original voice cast from the anime.

Here’s a look at the game play.

Not only will the game feature an in-depth story line based on the manga and the first season of the anime, but it will also have PVP functions.

Pre-registration for the game was just launched. You can pre-register on the official website by leaving your email or you can pre-register through the Apple Store or Google Play.

There will be pre-registration rewards with in-game items, but it’s unclear what they will be.

The game appears very similar to DC Legends and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Do you plan on checking it out?