A new report indicates Rosamund Pike will star in Amazon’s upcoming Wheel of Time TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Rosamund Pike will play the Aes Sedai Moiraine.

Moiraine Damodred is one of the most legendary Aes Sedai who was instrumental in helping the Dragon Reborn defeat the Dark One.

The Aes Sedai are an organization of all-female women who are trained in the One Power, one of Wheel of Time’s forms of magic. The women are also trained in manipulation and routinely interfere in the business of others.

The organization is run out of the White Tower and organized into one of seven different Ajahs. Each Ajah has their own ideology and has specific spells that they know. Most of them also employ their own spy network.

Moiraine is a member of the Blue Ajah and has been searching for the Dragon Reborn for 19 years. She eventually discovers him in the town of Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers region of Andor.

After discovering the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine sets out on a world-spanning mission in order to defeat the Dark One. However, the journey doesn’t go as expected and Moiraine routinely butts heads with the Dragon Reborn and his companions as she attempts to guide and control them.

Along with starring in the series, THR reports Rosamund Pike will also be credited as a producer. Rave Judkins will serve as showrunner for the series. The first two episodes will be directed by Uta Briesewitz.

Brandon Sanderson who wrote the three final books based off of Robert Jordan’s notes will be consulting on the show along with Harriet McDougal.

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke described the show:

“The Wheel of Time is endlessly fascinating and resonates hugely with fans as one of the best-selling global book franchises, and we were drawn to its timely narrative featuring powerful women at the core.”

What do you make of Rosamund Pike playing Moiraine Damodred? Are you looking forward to Amazon’s adaptation of Wheel of Time?