Cosplay of the Day: Sarah Addy as Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins

Today’s cosplay of the day is Sarah Addy as Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins.

Take a look.

Elizabeth Liones is the main female protagonist in the Seven Deadly Sins series. She is the adoptive princess of King Bartra Liones and sets out on a mission to find the Seven Deadly Sins. She aims to recruit them in order to retake the Liones Kingdom from the Holy Knights who had staged a coup d’etat and taken over power.

Elizabeth is actually one of many of the reincarnations of the Goddess Elizabeth. Given she is a goddess, Elizabeth exhibits a number of powerful abilities. She specifically excels at healing magic and has the ability to dispel curses.

YouTuber All Day Anime provides more details on Elizabeth’s backstory from Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth is voiced by Sora Amamiya in the Japanese Version. Erika Harlacher provides her voice talent on the English dub.

What do you make of Sarah Addy’s Elizabeth cosplay from the Seven Deadly Sins?


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