Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson took to Twitter to endorse toxic Star Wars fan and the Editor at Large for Matt Zoller Seitz.

Seitz took to Twitter and stated:

“Feeling a bit cranky today, so I’m going into threads where people unnecessarily talk shit about The Last Jedi and letting them know that I think it’s a classic that only gains from repeat viewings.”

Johnson would overwhelmingly endorse Seitz’s toxic behavior and admission of harassment stating, “I love you.”

Ethan Van Sciver would respond to Seitz’s original tweet informing him that “The Last Jedi didn’t get repeat viewings. It declined box office wise by nearly $1B vs. TFA.” Van Sciver added, “Because average filmgoers found it cynical and warped. They’re correct. Defending it guns blazing is mentally ill.”

From there Seitz and Van Sciver would go back and forth.

Star Wars critic DataRacer would also weigh in pointing out that The Last Jedi had the “largest week to week drop in box office history.”

Van Sciver responded to Seitz

However, Seitz wouldn’t just take aim at Van Sciver. He also harassed a number of other people as he stated he would.

Van Sciver would respond telling Seitz to “Go back to Rian Johnson.”

Seitz would then claim Van Sciver “gave up art for grifting.”

And that’s when Rian Johnson would chime in again, proving that he not only endorses toxic behavior on Twitter, but that he actively participates in it.


Van Sciver has raised over $885,000 over four IndieGoGo campaigns for his Cyberfrog franchise. His initial campaign for his upcoming Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney graphic novel raised over $538,000 alone. His most recent campaign that includes a new third variant cover for the project has raised over $219,571.

While Van Sciver initially promised the graphic novel would be out to backers in November 2018, it has not shipped yet. However, he regularly provides updates on the artwork and recently stated that the “comic is done.”

This isn’t the first time Rian Johnson showcased his toxic behavior. Most notably, Johnson decided to call fans who critiqued his The Last Jedi film as “manbabies.

Johnson also blamed Star Wars fans for the poor reaction The Last Jedi received. In fact, he decided to label criticism of The Last Jedi as “violent harassment campaigns.”

He would also attempt to make the negative reaction to The Last Jedi political by blaming politics. He went so far as to blame Russian trolls using highly questionable research from Morten Bay.

What do you make of Rian Johnson’s toxic behavior on Twitter? Do you think we will continue to see more of Johnson’s toxic behavior on display as The Last Jedi’s legacy is cemented in failure?