The abrupt and unexplained cancellation of Swamp Thing on DC Universe came as a shock, but fortunately, it does not close the door on the character. Alec Holland might sprout to life again as a major motion picture.

A report coming from We Got This Covered says Warner Bros. is considering doing something with the character on the silver screen. They state this development is a direct result of the backlash against the show’s abandonment after one episode.

James Wan would be involved although any film that comes out of all this won’t be a continuation and a new cast will be called for.

They go further mentioning a new Constantine movie, possibly starring Colin Farrell, is also being talked out. The plan would see Hellblazer and Swamp Thing eventually intersecting for a Justice League Dark movie, something Wan reportedly wanted for a third-season arc.

Bloody Disgusting backs up the story and adds two things: the movie will be horror and what led to the DC Universe show getting canceled was creative differences. BD co-founder Brad Miska writes Swamp Thing was developed as one thing — straight horror, which it has lived up to so far — but is evolving into a procedural mystery.

Miska cautioned as well the scuttlebutt is “just internal chatter.” A Swamp Thing movie at the moment is only a proposal in the conversation stage with no place fixed on the slate.

Swamp Thing has been turned into a live-action movie twice now.

This year is the 30th anniversary of The Return of Swamp Thing starring Heather Locklear, Dick Durock, and Louis Jourdan. Directed by Roger Corman protege Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall), it was the highest-budgeted adaptation of the green guy at that point — costing around $4 million — yet only grossed a disappointing $250,000.

Return of Swamp Thing was the follow-up to the 1982 cinematic debut for the character helmed by Wes Craven. With only half the budget, the first film fared better, making $18 million at the time. Both led to a USA Network TV series in the 90s which Durock returned for.

The DC Universe series will continue with all-new episodes weekly until episode 10 airs in August.

How do you feel about a new Swamp Thing movie? Is it a fair consolation prize? Leave a remark below.

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