Zack Snyder doesn’t seem to run out of material to share. His latest post to Vero gives a new never-before-seen glimpse of Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

The wide-angle still shows Victor Stone at his family’s plot where his mother is buried, pounding the earth as the caption reads.

Snyder also took the time to answer some comments and contextualize the image. The director started by confirming Victor is at his own grave. To the question of why Vic didn’t resurrect his parents the way he did for Superman, Snyder replied:

“His father was disintegrated and by the time he would have tried to bring back his mother too much decomposition would have occurred; remember Clark doesn’t decompose like the rest of us.”

The reference to the disintegration of Vic’s father Silas (Joe Morton) is related to Snyder’s unrealized intentions for his cut. Silas’s death was going to play out for a weighty tearjerker moment, the result of an explosion. It was left out of the studio version supervised by Joss Whedon.

Snyder shared an image of that scene too over a month ago.

Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner posted a behind-the-scenes pre-vis image of the same shot. He also says it was a “great scene to shoot” and he “would have loved to have seen a final cut of it.”

This latest post is one more in a string of teases and spoilers connected to Cyborg’s arc. Before the shot from the graveyard, Snyder shared on his Vero a still of Victor seeing himself and his family in a vision conjured within a Mother Box. More of the Stones’ family life and bond would’ve been explored to give Victor more prominence and a deeper back story.

Cyborg was meant to play a bigger role on screen and in Snyder’s planned trilogy than he ever has before. His power augmented, he would have aided Batman and Flash in undoing, via time travel and the cosmic treadmill, Darkseid’s decimation of Earth and murder of Lois Lane to prevent Superman from falling under his sway.

He also would have acquired a new look in future movies, dubbed the “Knightmare Cyborg.” An image of that is also making the rounds. See below:

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