Members of the family involved in the viral brawl at Disneyland that took the internet by storm over the weekend will now face the Orange County District Attorney for potential charges.

The Blast reports the the Anaheim Police Department (APD) has forwarded their investigation to the Orange County District Attorney for possible charges against the family members involved the brawl. An APD spokesman told them, “The case has been presented to prosecutors for review.”

Currently, the police department is still in charge of collecting all information and evidence related to the incident. Once this has all been collected, it will be handed over to prosecutors who will make the call on whether or not criminal charges will be brought against anyone.

When pressed on what kinds of charges could be filed against those involved in the brawl, the APD spokesman kicked it over to the prosecutors stating, “We send over a complete investigative package and the prosecutors make that determination.”

Considering the profile of this particular case and the viral video of the incident, one could expect charges filed and arrests made in the coming days. No arrests were made following the brawl. However, Disneyland reported that the guests were removed from the premises and turned over to the APD. The APD indicated that they did question the family and noted they were “uncooperative,” but “a report was taken.”

The brawl happened on Saturday night in the Toontown section of Disneyland. During the fight, a pair a men square off against one another but it quickly escalated to a man going toe to toe with a female family member, which ends up leaving her on the ground after his attack.

According to multiple witnesses, the brawl started out as a verbal argument between family members and then quickly escalated to fists being thrown.