The Guardian’s of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is facing criticism online over his choice of attire. The T-Shirt that is causing the online buzz is a version of the Gadsden flag with the words “Don’t Tread On Me” on an American flag.

But it seems people weren’t too thrilled with Star-Lord wearing the shirt out in public.

Controversy Over Chris Pratt’s T-Shirt Blows Up Online

One of the first to spot this was Vulture staff writer Hunter Harris who posted a photo of the star wearing the shirt.

A few other people openly questioned when the Marvel star would make a trans-phobic statement which would force him to leave Hollywood where he’d become a full-time Fox News commentator:

Another claimed outright that he associated with bigots:

So what is the deal with the Gadsden Flag?

The flag was created by Christopher Gadsden, a brigadier general, who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. It’s been popular over the years and used by many groups, such as the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. Some political groups such as libertarians and Tea Party groups use it as well.

Those who support the First and Second Amendments have also used the flag as a rallying symbol for their causes.

But over the years many within the access media have attempted to tie the flag exclusively to what they deem as racist or far-right groups.

The controversy continued for Pratt. As many know the actor is very open about his religious beliefs. He has a very well known acceptance speech where he is unafraid to share his faith:

One Twitter user claimed that Ellen Page “called him out” on the subject of his faith:

You may remember earlier this year when Ellen Page targeted the actor because of the church he chooses to attend. Calling it “infamously Anti-LGBTQ“.

Though the star shot back saying that “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Pratt is still proud to share his faith with his followers on his social media platforms. He even prays for other well-known people within Hollywood including Kevin Smith after he had a heart attack in 2018.

What do you think of all of this? Do these attacks and criticisms make sense? Let me know your thoughts!