YouTube personality That Star Wars Girl, who has over 114,00 subscribers, reported that she had mistakenly been demonetized on YouTube.

ThatStarWarsGirl took to Twitter to indicate that she had been seeking out information on the YouTube Partner Program when she “clicked on something to learn more.” She notes a “pop up appeared telling me I was no longer part pf [sp?] the program.” She then states her whole channel had been demonetized.

That Star Wars Girl would then report that an individual trying to assist her told her that they were unable to help her.

YouTube would respond indicating that she had removed herself from YouTube Partner Program and instructed her to reapply. They did note that “we’ll also look into this further and let you know if there’s anything we’re able to do on our side.”

ThatStarWarsGirl would go into detail about the demonetization and ask YouTube to assist her in rectifying the situation.

This all sounds like a simple mistake. Let’s hope that YouTube is able to rectify the problem and That Star Wars Girl’s YouTube channel will be monetized once again.

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