Marvel Comics Writer Mark Waid Accused of Calling Black YouTuber Just Some Guy a ” Borderline White Supremacist”

Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid has been accused of calling black YouTuber Just Some Guy a ” borderline-White Supremacist.”

YouTuber Just Some Guy criticized Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo and artist Phillippe Briones’ Ignited series from publisher Humanoids in a video titled Ignited: The Far Left Turner Diaries. His video would feature a thumbnail showcasing altered text blocks from the original comic. (Related: Humanoids Director of Creative Development Mark Waid Accused of Insulting and Assaulting Retailer at Diamond Retailer Summit)

Waid would respond to the video and the thumbnail in the video on Facebook last week (Archive link:

“Hey, do me a favor and circulate: some sick, borderline-White Supremacist nuts are circulating faked artwork from a comic I’m writing with Kwanza Osajyefo, IGNITED, to use as “evidence” that we’re using our book as a pro-violence propaganda tool.

We’re proud of IGNITED. It’s about newly empowered school-shooting victims who are pushing back against gun violence in all its forms, and I encourage you to check it out–I guarantee it’s different from anything else on the stands.This, however–the fake claim that our protagonists all identify as “Antifa extremists”–is a lame and pathetic death-rattle act from what I suspect is the wheezing, fading ComicsGate movement. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give such a clownish act any oxygen, but this relettered fake, defacing some beautiful art by Phil Briones, looks authentic enough to fool folks who haven’t actually read the story. It’s not fair to try to smear my collaborators on the series, and that’s my concern. Thanks for spreading the truth.”

He included an image of the altered panel.

YouTuber Just Some Guy responded to the accusations in a YouTube video where he requested Mark Waid issue an apology, “Since I know you watch my videos, here’s what I’ll do for you. You can post an apology retracting your quote borderline-White Supremacist line. And don’t worry about having to figure out what to say. You can post this: I apologize for calling the creator of the meme, who is black, a “borderline white supremacist.” My intention was  to vent my anger and in my petulance I made a racially insensitive accusation. I apologize.” (Related: Mark Waid Accused of Abusive Behavior and Poor Business Practices by Former Business Partner)

Just Some Guy adds, “You can post that and nothing else. No ifs, no ands, no buts, no equivocations. And I will consider the matter done. And for your own sake don’t be stupid enough to say, ‘I claim to be black’ or trot out the black people you know to try to prove you’re not a bigot. Exercise some self-control and keep your feet out of your mouth. I know you think it tastes good, but just keep it out of your mouth for just a little while.”

Just Some Guy goes on to note that he did not change Phil Briones’ artwork as Waid claims. He goes on to state, “Anyone who watches my videos would know that if the text appeared in the comic, I would have said so. So it’s obviously fake and clearly satirical. … It’s a joke and a damn good one since no one has to explain it. Even your supporters got it. Besides I don’t need to doctor the pages that you and fake holiday wrote a ‘pro-violence propaganda tool.'”

Just Some Guy would not only address Waid on YouTube, but he also took to Twitter to allow his followers to spread the Ignited meme. (Related: Mark Waid Appointed Director of Creative Development at Humanoids)

He would write, “You know, it would be a shame if someone filled these empty captions with (center aligned) text. Come on. Be shameful. Live a little, and spread it around.”

The idea is not extraordinary or new. Comic book panels being turned into memes happens all of the time. Maybe the most famous is Batman slapping Robin.

What do you make of Mark Waid’s response to Just Some Guy? What about Just Some Guy’s counter to Mark Waid?

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