A resurrection and continuation of the classic 90s animated series Sonic the Hedgehog is in development.

The project is being resurrected by Team Sea3on and is described as a non-profit fan project. It is currently an unofficial continuation of the series, but they hope to work with SEGA to make it official. They also indicated they have hopes of working with Netflix to bring it to their streaming platform.

The team has already released a teaser trailer and proof-of-concept, which you can see below.

You can compare it to the original 90s television show below.

And here’s a look at their animatic for Sonic’s victory celebration.

Team Sea3on reports they’ve already scripted out the entire season which will include 12 episodes in total. They note the continuation “stays somewhat faithful to the Season 3 notes that were left over by the late Ben Hurst; writer of the show.” They do indicate that they plan to pick up right where Season 2 left off. There won’t be any time skips or redesigns. They specifically state “this is NOT a reboot.” Not only do they plan to continue where Season 2 left off, but they’ve recruited the original composer of SatAM to “assemble the music for the show.”

They indicate they’re close to wrapping up pre-production on Episode 1, and hope to have it wrapped up sometime in late 2019. They plan to make this continuation on par with a big budget animated television series. In order to do that, they’ve asked fans for their support through Patreon.

Backers for the Patreon receive access to behind the scenes work including storyboards, model sheets, promo images, early access to preview clips, and sneak peeks of an episode’s animatic.

Team Sea3on are no strangers to Sonic the Hedgehog. They have been creating an online fan comic for 10 years, and recently completed Chapter 7 earlier this month.

What do you make of this resurrection and sequel for the classic 90s animated Sonic the Hedgehog show? Do you plan on supporting it?

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