A petition has been launched to keep Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The petition was created by Sydney Redfearn after a report indicated negotiations between Disney and Sony grinded to a halt. (Related: Report: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Out Of MCU – Marvel and Sony Fail to Reach Deal)

The petition which is directed to Sony simply reads, “KEEP TOM HOLLAND/ SPIDER-MAN/PETER PARKER IN THE MCU.” It has currently been signed by only 3,140 people.

Here’s some of the reasons why people are signing it:

Michaela LaSauce writes, “because this is ridiculous and needs to be fixed. tom holland is the best spider-man and the mcu has been the best thing to ever happen to spider-man.”

Miracle Ward writes, “Tom Holland as Spider-Man is the best thing that ever happened to the MCU.”

Maciej Hanke writes, “Sony is making a terrible mistake. The only way for Spidey to be succesful is to be a part of the mcu”

Yasmin Awale writes, “Sony, You couldn’t produce a good Spider-Man movie yourself(you’ve tried), and now that Disney has(not that I agree with them on 100% of their business plans) you want out? Listen, we’re trying to save you in the end. This is a bad move. Give Disney their cut, and let them keep expanding the Spider-Man franchise for you.”

Spider-Man Out of MCU?

The report from Deadline noted that Disney and Sony’s talks to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had currently stalled out. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be rekindled in the future. And it’s quite possible the whole purpose of the Deadline story was an attempt to gin up support for Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and Disney in order to get a much larger stake of Spider-Man.

Deadline reported Disney and Feige were offering Sony a 50/50 co-financing arrangement that would also include Sony’s other Spider-Man universe films like Venom and Morbius. They also reported that Sony offered to maintain the current agreement where Disney receives 5% of first dollar gross. Disney decided to reject that offer.

It seems fan outrage might be a bit misdirected. According to this report, Sony wanted to keep the current deal in place. It was Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and Disney who said no to Spider-Man continuing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony’s right to balk at Disney’s deal. Venom did quite well at the global box office bringing in $856 million on a $100 million budget. In fact, the domestic gross was $213.5 million.

And as many Spider-Man fans point out, the MCU version just doesn’t quite feel like Spider-Man and Peter Parker, he’s always been more of an Iron Man Jr. character. He’s been reliant on Stark Tech for quite a bit of his superhero duties. He doesn’t build his own suits, or when he does he’s using Stark technology as seen in Far From Home.

Far From Home was also extremely similar to the first Iron Man movie. In fact, they made Mysterio a disgruntled Stark employee. You know who else was a disgruntled Stark employee? Iron Monger. He also attempted to use Stark Tech for evil and personal gain. Mysterio does the same thing. Iron Monger even uses illusion. He pretends to be Tony’s friend when in reality he’s the one who hires a terrorist organization to kill him. Mysterio also pretends to be Peter Parker’s friend and attempts to kill him. The similarities are all too apparent.

I’m not sure if Spider-Man leaving the MCU is really a bad thing. It could be a really good thing. The report did indicate that Tom Holland is on board for at least 2 more Spider-Man films.

What do you make of this petition? Do you think Spider-Man should stay in the MCU or are you interested in seeing what Sony can do with him outside of the MCU.

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