A new rumor suggests Marvel, Disney, and Sony have reached a deal concerning Spider-Man.

The rumor comes from TVO at the Lords of the Long Box.

He states, “Disney has made a new offer to Sony and are waiting for them to accept or counter. The hope is that this is agreed upon by D23 so a huge announcement can be made of the renewal of vows. Think about this, D23 wants to pop bigger than Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.” (Related: Report: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Out Of MCU – Marvel and Sony Fail to Reach Deal)

TVO then dives into the details of the deal:

“It’s a six picture deal with Tom Holland and an option for a seventh. There are three more Spider-Man films after the third one. In essence, a new trilogy. The second trilogy will focus on Peter Parker’s college years including plans to meet up and team up with Firestar and Iceman.”

He continues. (Related: Sony Responds to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Exiting the MCU: “We Are Disappointed”)

“The other three movies are two Avengers films which Spider-Man will have a larger role with the Fantasic Four becoming friends with Johnny Storm. … Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance all Spider-Man related movies for 30% of the full profits. Sony will distribute, but Disney will acquire exclusive digital and online rights for Disney+ and affiliated TV networks. Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance Spiderverse live-action spin-offs under the same terms. Venom will relocate into the MCU. Sony will be given permission for TV live-action programs based on Spiderverse live-action properties.”

TVO also adds, “Spider-Man is going to be in a D23 presentation. He’s going to be in a panel.” (Related: Stan Lee’s Daughter JC Lee Rips Marvel and Disney: “No One Could Have Treated My Father Worse”)

Along with this rumor from TVO at Lords of the Long Box, Tom Holland posted a number of photos alongside Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr., simply stating, “We did it Mr Stark!” In the final photo, it shows Downey Jr. holding a Spider-Man action figure with Holland holding an Iron Man one.

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We did it Mr Stark!

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What do you make of this rumor? Do you want to see Spider-Man stay in the MCU? What do you make about these alleged details of the deal?