Star Wars icon Mark Hamill took aim at the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy.

He took to Twitter to respond to the official Star Wars Twitter account sharing the top 10 Luke Skywalker quotes. Hamill mockingly revealed the 11th top Luke Skywalker quote from The Force Awakens. As you can see below, it’s blank because Luke Skywalker didn’t have any lines in The Force Awakens.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hamill also liked a response to his initial tweet showcasing a meme of Luke Skywalker telling Disney, “This is not going to go the way you think.”

Hamill has been outspoken about how Disney radically altered Luke Skywalker’s character in the sequel trilogies.

Most recently Hamill commented on the dyed milk he had to drink while on set. He described it as “gag-inducing.” (Related: Mark Hamill on Star Wars: The Last Jedi: “The Warm, Oily, Sickly-Sweet Milk Dyed Blue…Was Gag Inducing”)

He also indicated that he hopes The Rise of Skywalker will be his last Star Wars film. (Related: Mark Hamill On Whether The Rise of the Skywalker Will Be His Last Star Wars Movie: “I Sure Hope So”)

But more importantly, Hamill has openly criticized how Luke Skywalker has been portrayed in the sequel trilogies up to this point. In March, Hamill stated:

“I just thought, Luke’s never going to see his best friend again. You look at it in a self-centred way. I said that it was a big mistake that those three people would never reunite in any way. I guess I was wrong, because nobody seems to care! I have to stipulate that I care, but it didn’t really seem to affect the larger audience. Luke, Han and Leia will never be together again, and I’ll probably never get to work with Harrison again.”

He even stated that Disney “hornswoggled” him with the idea of a trilogy. (Related: Mark Hamill Once Again Criticizes Luke Skywalker’s Portrayal in Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

“Then the second thing was that they killed me off. I thought: oh, okay, you should push my death off to the last one. That’s what I was hoping when I came back: no cameos and a run-of-the-trilogy contract. Did I get any of those things? Because as far as I’m concerned, the end of VII is really the beginning of VIII. I got one movie! They totally hornswoggled (tricked) me.”

Maybe most revealing is how Hamill recalls being instructed by Rian Johnson to completely ignore C-3PO in one scene.

“They had me walking by 3PO, not even acknowledging him. I said: “I can’t do that! He (The Last Jedi’s director, Rian Johnson) said, “Okay, go over and do whatever.” So I went over, and I did whatever. They say it in the script: “Forget the past, kill it if you have to”, and they’re doing a pretty good job!’”

In a deleted tweet to a fan, Hamill also noted he didn’t understand why Luke gave up in The Last Jedi. Hamill wrote, “When I understand, I’ll let you know.” (Related: Mark Hamill Still Doesn’t Understand Luke Skywalker’s Characterization in The Last Jedi!)

What do you make of Hamill’s most recent commentary regarding Luke Skywalker’s top quotes? Do you think he has a grudge against how Disney treated Luke Skywalker?