A new Superman series could be in development for The CW — one that has been or is based on a concept in the pipeline since last year.

TVO of YouTube’s Lords of the Long Box says a show called, tentatively, “Metropolis” is pitched as the next drama centering around the legendary Man of Steel and the City of Tomorrow. Produced by Greg Berlanti, it will be modeled after Richard Donner’s Superman movies and John Byrne’s comics from 1986.

Effect on Supergirl

CW has had a rumored show about Superman in mind for months, reportedly as a replacement for Supergirl. Clark’s cousin Kara is entering a new season that could be her last. She is experiencing a rating slump but might go forward as part of Metropolis, that is if her show isn’t canceled. (Related: Rumor: Supergirl Feature Film Will Start Filming Early Next Year)

The big connection is Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Clark Kent and Superman on Supergirl, and last appeared in the Elseworlds crossover. He is the favorite to reprise the role in Metropolis.

Brandon Routh is another potential option but the Legends of Tomorrow and Superman Returns star is only a prevalent rumor despite the fact he is leaving Legends and training to play Superman again.

Supes in Crisis

Metropolis is thought to be tied to this December’s Crisis crossover event. Crisis On Infinite Earths might restart or bring the current DC TV Universe to a close. It’s believed something big is going to happen, at least. (Related: Smallville Actor Tom Welling Teases Appearance in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover)

The first pitch in early 2018 for Metropolis was a live-action drama set in the city before Superman set foot there. It would have seen a younger Lois Lane and Lex Luthor in a sci-fi scenario investigating and exposing Metropolis’ dark and bizarre underbelly. Season one was meant to have 13 episodes and air on DC Universe with Gotham and Pennyworth’s John Stephens and Danny Cannon executive producing.

Superman’s luck on the big and small screens hit the skids as of late. Man of Steel 2 stalled into a far-flung prospect and Supe will probably be recast before it happens. Krypton meanwhile was abruptly canceled by SyFy and plans for expanding that universe with Lobo were scrapped. (Related: Krypton Canceled by Syfy After Two Seasons — Lobo On Hold)

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