Following Friday’s hearing in Tarrant County District Court, Judge John P. Chupp ruled to dismiss the majority of the charges against Funimation, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Ron Toye in the ongoing defamation lawsuit brought by Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Friday’s hearing was to rule on the defendants’ respective Motions to Dismiss under the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA). Judge Chupp dismissed the case against Marchi along with the charges of tortious interference of existing contracts and tortious interference of business relations allegations against Rial and Toye and the charges of tortious interference and civil conspiracy against Funimation. Judge Chupp has 30 days to rule on the charges of defamation against Funimation, Rial, and Toye, as well as a charge of conspiracy against Rial and Toye. (Related: Vic Mignogna Files Lawsuit Against Funimation, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, Ronald Toye for $1 Million)

After the issue of potential notary fraud, stemming from allegations that Mignogna’s attorney, Ty Beard, improperly notarized the affidavits of Dragon Ball Super voice actor Chuck Huber, Kamehacon owner Chris Slatosch, and Mignogna, was raised in Friday’s hearing, Judge Chupp ruled to hold a hearing regarding the allegations at a later date. (Related: Dragon Ball Super VA Vic Mignogna Responds to Motion to Dismiss, Defendants File New Documents As Dismissal Hearing Draws Near in Defamation Lawsuit)

As per the TCPA, Chupp’s ruling will require Mignogna to cover the entirety of Marchi’s legal fees, a portion of Funimation, Rial, and Toye’s fees, and pay a fine in amount to be determined by the court.

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