Suicide Squad actress Cara Delevingne decided to take on the topic of climate change by declaring the world will end if governments don’t do anything.

Delevingne told Variety, “All the little things we do, recycling, are obviously important but there isn’t anything that one person can do until policy changes. If the governments don’t do anything, the world will end. No joke.”

Delevingne joined a number of other celebrities who warned of the dangers of climate change. Avatar director James Cameron told Variety, “People need to wake the f*** up. We’re going the wrong direction as fast as possible. I like to say that we’re like Thelma and Louise. We’re driving straight toward the canyon at 90 miles per hour with the radio cranked up and the top down.” He would add, “We all drive around in our Teslas and our Priuses and think we are doing a great job, but really we’re all assuaging our liberal guilt. The real solution is: change the way you live.”

Ghostbusters actor Ed Begley Jr. also warned, “The cost of doing nothing is quite severe — flooding and wildfires. That’s the most expensive choice ever.”

Avengers: Endgame actor Don Cheadle lauded the idea that climate change narratives are being snuck into film and TV narratives, “One could argue that the entire plot of ‘Infinity War’ was playing with those exact themes and the subject matter is smuggled into TV and movie narratives more and more. It can’t not be.” He added, “We’re in this s*** for the long haul. We have to be.”

Divergent actress Shailene Woodley would connect climate change activism to racism and sexism, “I feel like you can’t talk about environmentalism or racism or sexism or any type of disparity or injustice without addressing the whole picture, and the oceans are a major part of environmentalism that I didn’t know about.”

Delevingne hasn’t been afraid to get involved in political issues before. She posted an image to her Instagram account back in 2017 that read, “Dear Ivanka, I see you’re following me on Instagram. This Thanksgiving I would be grateful if you use the influence you have to advocate for a CLEAN Dream Act by December. Every day that passes without a clean Dream Act means anxiety and deportation for immigrant youth. 7,901 youth have already lost DACA and 122 more will lose it each day. Thank you and Happy Holidays.”

Back in 2016, Delevingne posted a picture during a White House tour where she challenged President Donald Trump to address climate change. She wrote, “Let’s see how you feel about climate change in 10 years Mr Trump! It is painfully real. Also, can Donald Trump do this???? #itrumptrump #ichallengetrump #climatechangeexistsfool

What do you make about Delevingne’s recent comments regarding climate change?