A new petition created by Mike Furth, the inker on Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! and Spider-Man #557, requests DC Comics print Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s style guide from the 1980s.

Furth writes in his petition:

“In the early 1980’s DC Comics enlisted legendary artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez to create a style guide for use internally as well as for sharing with license holders. This guide shaped a generation’s vision for what Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the world of DC Comics looked like. For many of us when we close our eyes and picture Superman, it’s the one drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

While versions of these images are available with a google search, fans of the iconic artist, and loyal readers of DC Comics would love a nice copy to put on their shelf alongside the works that this document informed. It’s a great way to help preserve history and give credit to the artists and illustrators that envisioned the stories that shaped our lives.

What this petition is proposing is a printed release by DC Comics so that more people can appreciate the work. If you grew up with these characters, if you had(or have) Wonder Woman underoos, if you read a choose-your-own adventure featuring Batman, these images arose from those style guides.”

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s Style Guide is available on Facebook courtesy of the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Fans page. The guide showcases many of DC Comics’ iconic characters and designs that as Furth notes “shaped a generation’s vision for what Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and the world of DC Comics looked like.”

The petition currently has over 2,788 signatures as of writing.

Here’s what some of the signers are saying:

  • Tom Feister writes, “A copy of this collection has been on my “grail list” since I learned of its existence. I don’t know a working pro who wouldn’t snap one of these up, given the opportunity!”
  • Alex Johnson writes, “I’m signing because he work is beautiful and iconic. His representation of the characters was the standard for decades.”
  • Steve Lipsky writes, “This style guide is “THE” bible of how to draw DC Characters and nobody does them justice like the master, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez! Besides the countless toys, clothes and action figures this art has adorned, it is a how to guide on how to draw the DC characters as dynamically and heroically as possible! A copy of this belongs on the shelf of every DC Comics fan and comic book pro!”
  • Michael Penman writes, “As a former brand director, graphic designer, creator of style guides, and huge vintage comic book fan, I need this in my life. Please make it happen. I’ll even pay in advance if that helps!”

The creator of Bane and legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon has also signed the petition. He explained why he wants DC Comics to print the Style Guide:

“There were two things that everyone wanted a copy of when I was working at DC Comics. One was the list of which characters were under the control of which editors. The other was the DC style guide, a binder that was LOADED with the world’s most awesome clip art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. These were the most iconic images of the world’s most iconic comic book characters and all of us, fanboys all, wanted one in their collection.”

Not only is the petition gaining support among fans and pros, but IDW’s Director of Special Projects requested DC Comics license the style guide to IDW and let him edit and publish it.

The post would see DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio respond indicating he would be interested in reprinting the Style Guide. However, he would clarify that it was DC Comics fan Dan DiDio talking, not DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio.

However, while DiDio might not have been interested as Publisher, Marie Javins the Executive Editor of New Publishing Initiatives at DC Comics indicated she was interested. In fact, she noted she had already fired off two emails inquiring about the project.

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the pages you can find in the style guide:

You can sign the petition here.

Do you plan on signing the petition? Would you want to add the DC Comics Style Guide to your collection?

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