Twitch streamer Quqco was suspended three days following a stream this past weekend where she wore a cosplay outfit of Street Fighter character Chun-Li.

Why was she suspended? According to Twitch, for violating its guidelines on “sexually suggestive content or activities.”

Bear in mind, she was cosplaying as the popular Street Fighter character Chun-Li. If you haven’t played Street Fighter or Street Fighter II in some time, Chun-Li’s classic costume is rather conservative. It does show some leg due to having a thigh high slit, but overall, it covers her up.

Twitch’s guidelines are notorious for being vague. The guidelines have an explanation for the lack of specific rules regarding clothing, stating that as Twitch expands its content, “the need for updating the range of attire that is acceptable” changes as well:

“For example, something that is acceptable for a broadcast at the beach or the gym may not be acceptable for a cooking or gameplay broadcast. In an effort to help creators abide by our Community Guidelines in the same way they would expectations of behavior in the real world, we’ve updated our policies to reflect that we will consider not just the attire itself, but also the contextual setting in which it is worn and the intent of the person wearing it, when moderating content. Please remember that sexually explicit or suggestive content, such as nudity exposing or focusing on genitals, buttocks, or nipples, and attire intended to be sexually suggestive are prohibited.”

This is sketchy at best. Also, who exactly sits around and determines which streamers are wearing proper attire?

She noted on Twitter she reached out to Twitch supporter to better understand why she was suspended and believes she shouldn’t have been, “I don’t believe my band was justified, as there was no sexual intent nor content.”

Quqco told Kotaku that the suspension was due to “a group of trolls” who have been targeting her with mass reports. “I am immediately reported because I’ve been branded a thot,” she said.

She even revealed she bought a larger costume than needed in order to ensure she was following Twitch’s guidelines, “I actually bought one size up to ensure that the slit wasn’t too high.” She added, “The slit of this dress is cut lower than some runner shorts I own.”

Quqco was previously banned in August for cosplaying as King of Fighters character Mai Shiranui. She said this was also the result of a targeted online campaign to report her by members of the LivestreamFail subreddit.

I believe, in this case, Twitch has again shown tone deafness and complete disregard in their handling of a TOS violation. This woman clearly isn’t doing anything sexualized or out of the way.

What do you think readers? Is Twitch handling these instances the right way or are they simply out of touch? Share your thoughts below.

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