A new rumor claims Disney has lost some faith in Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel after Spider-Man’s exit from the MCU.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock  whose source tells him that Disney’s problem with Captain Marvel is her likability.

In his video, Doomcock states, “According to this source, Disney has lost confidence in Captain Marvel.” He adds, “Disney is having Brie Larson fatigue and they have lost confidence in her and the direction they are moving with Captain Marvel.” He continues, “According to my source, and again you must treat this as rumor, Marvel had plans for Captain Marvel. But those plans were utterly derailed by the loss of Spider-Man to Sony. Allegedly, Marvel realized that Captain Marvel was a little stiff, a bit unlikable, and so they were counting on pairing her up with Spider-Man in order to humanize and  balance her out a bit.”

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige had previously indicated that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel would be the face of the MCU for the future. (Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Confirms Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to Take the Lead in Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Feige stated:

“One of the highlights of my career at Marvel was introducing [Brie Larson] at Comic-Con and having her come out on stage and stand there with literally almost everybody else from our movies. There she was at the forefront, and it was a great foreshadowing – not just for how audiences are going to embrace Brie as this character, but also for how Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Cinematic Universe.”

Not only did Feige state Captain Marvel would be at the forefront of the MCU, but the Blu-ray and DVD sales are on par with Avengers: Endgame. The Numbers reports Captain Marvel has sold $63.8 million in domestic home market sales. Those sales are on par with Avengers: Endgame’s home sales which sit at $67.5 million. However, both of those sales are significantly down from Avengers: Infinity War which sits just shy of $101.4 million. It’s also down compared to Black Panther which sold $95.5 million.
Not only is Captain Marvel’s Blu-ray and DVD sales down compared to Infinity War and Black Panther, but the character was not announced in any of their Phase 4 announcements during San Diego Comic Con or Disney’s D23 Expo. However, it’s possible she could make an appearance in the recently announced Ms. Marvel show. (Related: Marvel Studios Announces She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel Shows for Disney+)

It is kind of odd that the character Kevin Feige said would be at the forefront of the MCU is no where in sight when it comes to their Phase 4 announcements. In fact, there are rumors that Robert Downey Jr. will make a cameo in the upcoming Black Widow film. (Related: Report: Robert Downey Jr. To Appear as Tony Stark in Black Widow Film Alongside Scarlett Johansson)

There’s also a rumor that he could appear in a rumored Ironheart series. (Related: Rumor: Robert Downey Jr. To Return for Ironheart Show on Disney+)

It’s quite strange that you would bring in Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. who is arguably the face of the MCU, if you plan on making Captain Marvel the new face.

However, this rumor has had its detractors. Mikey Sutton in his Geekosity Facebook group claims the rumor is “character assassination from people who despite the actress and that particular franchise.”

Sutton writes, “Disney is not having issues with Brie Larson or Captain Marvel.”

DVD sales say one thing. The lack of Captian Marvel in Phase four says another. What do you think? Is Doomcock’s source on point, is there trouble with Captain Marvel? Or is this just like all things internet-related, and just a rumor with little to no foundation? Let me know your take on the Captian Marvel mystery!

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