Hulu and Marvel TV’s announced Ghost Rider series starring Gabriel Luna is rumored to have been cancelled.

The rumor comes from Mikey Sutton in his Geekosity Facebook group. Sutton writes:

“Houston, we have a problem. The Ghost Rider TV series at Hulu will not be moving forward due to creative differences between Marvel and the network.”

Sutton does state that Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider will still more than likely appear in the upcoming Helstrom series.

“However, this won’t stop Gabriel Luna from appearing on Hellstrom if Marvel TV so chooses.”

Suton doesn’t believe the show allegedly got axed due to creative differences. He speculates it could be a financial decision similar to DC Universe’s Swamp Thing. (Related: Rumor: Ghost Rider Film Unlikely for MCU – Possible Cameo in Blade)

“I have a strong feeling this wasn’t just an artistic decision but a financial one as well a la Swamp Thing on DC Universe.”

Sutton does state the decision to cancel was not Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige’s fault.

“Feige wouldn’t have all that cast and crew lose their jobs in a last-minute decision to reserve GR for film.”

Instead he points to Jeph Loeb.

“Jeph Loeb is no stranger to having his shows cancelled after they were greenlit like Marvel’s Most Wanted and New Warriors, neither of which ended up on the silver screen, either.

Same as it ever was.”

Marvel TV announced they would be launching a Ghost Rider spin-off series from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside a Helstrom series back in May with both series expected to debut on Hulu in 2020. (Related: Marvel TV and Hulu to Launch Live-Action Ghost Rider and Helstrom Series)

The Ghost Rider series was expected to see Ingrid Escajeda serve as showrunner with Paul Zybsweski and Jeph Loeb executive producing alongside her.

The series was expected to see Luna’s Robbie Reyes live near the Texas/Mexico border and bring his unique brand of vengeance to the American southwest.

Luna even took to Twitter to confirm the Ghost Rider series saying, “It’s an honor to ride again with marvel and our new partner Hulu.”

Just last week he indicated the Ghost Rider series still seemed to have the green light. He wrote on Twitter, “This is one of Felipe Smith’s early sketches of Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. Just looking at this drawing gets me PUMPED. Pure energy.”

Luna will be appearing in Terminator: Dark Fate as a Terminator when it hits theaters on November 1, 2019.

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think the Ghost Rider series is done at Marvel TV and Hulu?

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