J.J. Abrams closed his deal with WarnerMedia and may follow more in the footsteps of Zack Snyder than first thought. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director may have his heart set on taking up Superman and Green Lantern, as we’ve noted, but it would seem Justice League figures into his plans too.

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A Cosmic Book News scoop has it Abrams could build toward another Justice League movie, which Warner wants to do again down the road. Writer Matt McGloin points to a pair of rumors.

The first concerns Variety reporter Justin Kroll who remarked he hopes “Warner Bros stuff” leads to more things under Abrams and implied superheroes:

“I’m glad JJ is back in the rump.. I hope the new Warner Bros stuff leads to more stuff… someone with a cape perhaps… that’s a hint.”

Some thought “someone with a cape” meant Superman but Kroll clarified his comment in a Twitter thread.

Kroll casts a little doubt here but similar Abrams-Superman rumblings came from Grace Randolph late last month. She and her sources claim there is a “conversation” happening regarding some type of Superman pitch.

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The second rumor relates to something McGloin heard at San Diego Comic-Con this year. He wrote:

“DC insiders also told me that the creatives and such at WB would like to do another Justice League movie, but that they are trying to get things right…”

McGloin infers Abrams will start with Superman and Green Lantern then culminate in another stab at League action, possibly creating a new DC film universe.

The official line from Warner producers and execs is they are focusing on character- and director-driven projects. But they aren’t veering away from Extended Universe continuity entirely, at least not yet.

Birds of Prey’s new trailer has obvious references to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad and Jared Leto’s Joker, though he won’t be in it. And Shazam!’s allusions to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, in addition to the Superman cameo minus Henry Cavill, ties into Justice League. Freddie Freeman’s character arc makes no sense otherwise.

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However, the feeling is soft reboots are coming in the forms of The Suicide Squad as well as The Batman. James Gunn, Matt Reeves, and now Abrams are already considered new headmasters of DC cinematic lore.

Abrams is friends and collaborators with Reeves so that’s not hard to see. He also has an in with Warner’s new CEO Ann Sarnoff — his wife Katie.

If Abrams redoes Superman, Henry Cavill might not make the cut (any more than he did in Shazam!) in favor of someone younger. Ironic since Cavill auditioned for Abrams’s previous try at getting a Superman project off the ground — Superman: Flyby. Reactions to that scrapped attempt by those who know any details range from lukewarm to terrible.

Do Abrams and Justice League sound like a good fit? Leave your thoughts below.

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