New Battlestar Galactica head honcho Sam Esmail recently revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming show that will air on NBC’s upcoming Peacock streaming service.

Esmail spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about why he decided to take on the iconic Battlestar Galactica.

“It was this sci-fi show that didn’t feel incredibly sci-fi. It was grounded. I felt like I was watching a war film. So allegorical because it was really talking about 9/11 and the post-terrorist attack environment in a very human way. It was groundbreaking television in how serialized it was before that became popular with other dramatic shows.”

The interviewer followed up by asking if it was daunting to reboot the franchise. Esmail’s response was very interesting:

“The word “reboot” was used when we were first talking about it, and I cringed. Ronald Moore, he just hit it out of the park with his series, so why would I even want to touch that? I talked to him and said, “A, are you OK with this? And B, if you are, how do we proceed?” He said he was OK with it as long as it wasn’t a reboot — which was in line with what I was thinking. But the world of Battlestar Galactica is so rich, the mythology is so interesting, that I think there is a lot to pick from and explore.”

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Esmail did admit that it is an adjustment just producing the project rather than being involved in every aspect of the creative process.

“That’s been an honest struggle for me. I have a hard time not being involved in every piece of the equation. Sometimes, if I’m on set, I’m literally moving things an inch here or an inch there. It’s something I need to work on. (Laughs.) So when it comes to working on other shows, with other creators, it’s all about trying to find that balance of collaboration and staying out of their way.”

Some very interesting statements there to unpack:

  1. It looks like we’re definitely getting an original show
  2. Individual episode directors and writers will get a good amount of latitude
  3. The setting will most definitely be the 2004 universe.

I still think this will be a first Cylon war series, because that gives the opportunity for new characters and stories.

The first Cylon War era will also give an opportunity for the Galactica to shine in building her hero ship legend.

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The time period will also serve to provide some nods to the 1978 Glen A. Larson original show.

In the meantime, what do you think BSG fans? Does this get you more receptive to the idea of a new BSG show?

Share your thoughts below, and as always, if there’s more breaking BSG news, look no further than right here.

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