Batwoman is debuting this weekend and we’re getting our first glimpses of the show’s growing cast of villains. One might not don his mask — or rather bandages — for a while but it is expected.

TV Line shared exclusive images of Thomas Elliot, aka Hush, and Magpie in episodes set to air this month. Elliot will be a recurring character while Magpie sounds more like a villain of the week.

Thomas or “Tommy” Elliot is played by Gabriel Mann, a cast member of ABC’s Revenge and 2019 drama What/If. He also appeared in the first two Jason Bourne films — The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy.


Elliot, introduced in the Batman: HUSH storyline as an old friend of Bruce, was a neurosurgeon in the comics who operated on Bruce after he suffered a nearly fatal fall. It turned out Elliot was the new menace Hush and orchestrating the caper involving Batman’s deadliest foes.

Though he appeared in the HUSH animated movie, Elliot became a neutral catalyst caught up in the action. Hush’s mantle passed to mastermind The Riddler.

In Batwoman, Elliot is described by TV Line as “a real estate mogul boasting easy charm and a friendly smile. And yet Tommy…harbors a deadly chip on his shoulder, one which will put Kate’s secret identity at risk.”

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Magpie won’t appear until Episode 4. She is played by Rachel Matthews of Happy Death Day and its sequel out this year. Matthews also has Hulu’s Looking for Alaska to look forward to.


Created by John Byrne, Magpie is a thief in the comics obsessed with shiny objects she believes are rightfully hers. Her first major crime was robbing Gotham’s Museum of Antiquities. Appearing on Gotham and Beware the Bat, she was reinterpreted as suffering from a dissociative disorder.

TV Line gives Magpie a similar characterization but adds she has “bigger plans for those who take their wealth for granted.” Might she pop up again and again to terrorize Gotham’s blue-blooded?

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Matthews and Mann join Birds of Prey TV series alum Rachel Skarsten who plays the main villain, Alice, a Joker to Kate Kane’s dual identity. Showrunner and scribe for the pilot, Caroline Dries, describes Alice as such:

“When you sign on for a show that takes place in Gotham, that’s part of the fun. And in our Big Bad this year, [Alice] sort of represents all that Joker mentality in her craziness.”

The Meg actress Ruby Rose stars as Kane/Batwoman.

Rose performs her own stunts and her career was almost jeopardized by a neck injury that could have left her paralyzed. Fortunately, she had surgery to correct the problem and should be able to continue acting. A video of the procedure was posted on Instagram.

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Batwoman premieres on Sunday, Oct. 6 at 8 pm on The CW.

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