The Rotten Tomatoes critic score for Ang Lee and Will Smith’s Gemini Man has been revealed. The Metacritic score has also been revealed.

Rotten Tomatoes

The Tomatometer score currently sits at a rotten 38%. The average rating is 5.1/10 from 34 critics. There are 13 fresh ratings and 21 rotten.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian gives the film a 2/5. He writes, “The digital novelty is striking for the first 10 minutes, silly for the next 10 minutes, and by the end of the movie you’re pining for the analogue values of script and direction.”

Dan Jolin at Time Out gives the film a 2/5. He writes, “As impressive as the two Will Smiths trick is, you’ll be just as aware of the movie’s hoary script and a fist-gnawingly awful turn by Clive Owen as the villain.”

Ella Kemp at IndieWire gives the film a C+. She writes, “A baffling product born from a bizarre idea.”

Peter Debruge at Variety gives the film a rotten score. He writes, “Gemini Man” is a case in which an awful lot of effort has gone into making an awfully lazy action movie.”

Nicholas Barber at TheWrap gives the film a rotten score. He writes, “It’s difficult to care that one man is a carbon copy of the other when neither of them seems especially human, anyway.”

Catalina Combs at Black Girl Nerds gives the film a 3/5. She writes, “It’s unfortunate that a movie that took at least ten years to fully develop hits the screen with nothing more than a fresh concept and good actors…it can’t just be all about the technology. There has to be substance.”

Aaron Neuwirth at We Live Entertainment gives the film a 5/10. He writes, “The story is nothing new … However, even if a lot of what works in this film’s favor is best experienced on the big screen, a director taking advantage of what capabilities are out there to work with in a movie like this is enough to declare worthwhile.”

Peter Gray at Brisbanista gives the film a 3/5. He writes, “Whilst Gemini Man will sell itself on the 3D technology and the higher frame rate, it’s the Smith v Smith hook that is ultimately the draw, and for the most part it’s an effective enticement.”

Ben Rolph at Discussing Film gives the film a 4/5. He writes, “The fundamental reason why Gemini Man works is its got a heart and sincerely carries this all the way through the chaos.”

Abbie Bernstein at Assignment X gives the film a B. She writes, “It’s moderately entertaining, but neither director Lee’s visual pizzazz nor the commitment of the actors can keep the story from being predictable and feeling familiar.”


Gemini Man Metacritic

The Metacritic score for Gemini Man fares worse than Rotten Tomatoes. It currently sits at a 33 Metascore with 5 mixed reviews and 3 negative.

Fionnuala Halligan at ScreenDaily gives the film a 50. They write, “Seen at 60 frames per second (fps) on 3D-Plus (2K resolution), Ang Lee’s action spectacular Gemini Man proved a compulsive watch: not for the usual ingredients of can’t-look-away Hollywood cinema such as acting – Will Smith takes a dual role – or plot, both of which fell a little flat, and seemed almost wilfully generic. As a viewing experience, though, this picture delivers as a prototype of future action film-making.”

Ben Travis at Empire gives the film a 40. He writes, “It gives you two Will Smiths for the price of one, but you still might feel ripped off by its clunky dialogue, thin characters and underwhelming action. Encourage your younger clone to avoid it.”

Jamie Graham at Games Radar gives the film a 40. They write, “Come for the technical innovations, stay for… hmm. Two Will Smiths for the price of one just ain’t worth it.”

Stephen Dalton at The Hollywood Reporter gives the film a 30. He writes, “The disappointing end result feels less than the sum of the talents involved, a weak script and thin high-concept plot only just held together by smart visual wizardry.”

What do you make of these critic scores? Do you plan on seeing Ang Lee and Will Smith’s Gemini Man? The film hits theaters on October 11, 2019.

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