Joker has people talking and its box office success has Warner Bros. thinking about what’s next. Since a villain-centric movie independent of any comic canon is proving profitable, the studio may be considering duplicating that formula with another Batman villain who boasts his share of memorable film appearances.

We Got This Covered reports sources close to them are saying Warner Bros. wants to develop more “standalone villain” pieces and Two-Face is “one of the next candidates to get his own movie.” This would mean Harvey Dent gets recast in an alternate take that exists side by side with Matt Reeves’ narrative in The Batman. Two-Face is one of the presumed villains in the Robert Pattinson-led film.

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Two-Face has two prior live-action film appearances: Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, played by Aaron Eckhart, which functions as an origin story for the character; and Batman Forever portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, where a passing reference is made to Dent’s life before the crime, scars, and coin tosses. Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s Batman when he was still a simple District Attorney and never got to go bad.

Harvey is also well-known for his frequent cartoon appearances. His origin, reconfigured for the Animated Series as a case of split-personality disorder that made it more logical for him to snap and wind up at Arkham, is equally notorious. WGTC notes this is a backstory Warner could go with that echoes Joker’s message about mental health.

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They could also play it like a John Grisham thriller about a DA’s fall from grace and borrow bits from The Dark Knight. Really following Todd Phillips’ lead, the Wayne family could be incorporated while phasing out Batman. Possible directions are myriad.

Mr. Freeze and Catwoman are reportedly two others being considered for similar productions but Catwoman might tie directly into Matt Reeves’ The Batman and its trilogy. Based on Catwoman’s only solo outing to date, starring Halle Berry, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Freeze in Batman & Robin, WB might be wise to skip those.

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Ideas for standalone features starring DC villains aren’t limited to Batman. Lex Luthor might also get his own movie thanks to Joker. Rumors state it’d chronicle Lex’s life before and without Superman and Ryan Gosling has been brought up as a potential star. And Gosling might raise the stakes and bring one of his old director buddies — Damien Chazelle, Derek Cianfrance, or Nicholas Winding Refn — with him if he signs on. That could spell Oscar buzz for Warner and DC yet again.

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No details or possible release date for a Two-Face project are known.

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