As quickly as he was in, he’s out. Jonah Hill is no longer pursuing a coveted role as a villain in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

According to Deadline in an exclusive, “talks broke down” between Hill and Warner Bros. Now they are looking elsewhere for somebody to play either The Riddler or the presumed main villain The Penguin.

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Deadline also says Seth Rogen is among the potentials for Penguin with Hill out but “no offers or talks occurred” as of yet.

Reports of conversations between Jonah Hill and Warner reached the wire late last month. According to Variety, he was the favorite and had been for some time, but they cautioned a deal was not finalized.

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That didn’t stop Brit graphic artist Boss Logic – whose fan art of actors in the part of Marvel heroes and DC villains – from rendering an illustration of what Hill might look like as Penguin.

The only cast member confirmed at this time is Robert Pattinson. Reports indicate Zoe Kravitz will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman, but the actress has not confirmed it and neither has the studio. Rumors also indicate Jeffrey Wright will play Commissioner Gordon. Pattinson was cast in the lead as Bruce Wayne/Batman officially back in May after a long, contentious search.

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Matt Reeves has reportedly placed an emphasis on casting people of color in important roles, especially when it came to Catwoman. He was looking for a “black or mixed” actress all along, according to earlier reports, and Kravitz was at the top of his shortlist.

According to a rumor, She was, at first, too busy but she obviously made room in her schedule and now joins a litany of names that includes Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry.

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Jeffrey Wright, known for Westworld and Hunger Games: Catching Fire, will be the first African-American actor to step in the well-worn shoes of Jim Gordon if he lands the role. Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali was rumored to be up for the role as well.

So as of now, we have no idea who will play Penguin, Riddler, or any of the other manifold villains allegedly showing up in The Batman. Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Firefly, Poison Ivy and Bane have all been mentioned at one point or another.

What we do know is Matt Reeves’ script is supposedly based on The Long Halloween and will take place in a Gotham City where Batman has been active for a few years but is still starting out.

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The Batman is slated to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

What do you think? Are we missing out on anything special since Jonah Hill is no longer up for a villain in The Batman? How’s Seth Rogen sound in his place? Comment below.

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