The rumor mill is running hot this fall about James Bond. Whispers of a Female 007 spin-off from Sony are going around. We Got This Covered is claiming that sources say the studio is looking to expand the long-running Bond franchise by creating a female 007.

Lashana Lynch as Female 007

The source points to Lashana Lynch as the star of the spin-off. She was reported to take up the moniker of 007 in the latest James Bond film.

We know that Lynch will be introduced as Cary Fukunaga in that movie. But because the actress is being credited as Nomi, it only adds to the mystery behind the 25th Bond movie and the path the franchise is looking to take.

Opinions About Bond Character

Though, if true, all of this would completely contradict what James Bond executive producer Barbara Broccoli said back in 2018 of the idea of a genders-wapped 007.

For her the case is closed.

James Bond

Bond is a man:

“Bond is male. He’s a male character. He was written as a male and I think he’ll probably stay as male.”

However, she would go on to state that instead of gender-swapping, it would be better to create new characters:

“And that’s fine. We don’t have to turn male characters into women. Let’s just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters.”

One example of this idea in play is 2010’s Salt starring Angelina Jolie as the title character. She did a great job of making her own way as in the spy thriller genre.

It’s been a little more than a month since former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan called for the MI6 agent to become a woman. Current Bond actor, Daniel Craig was very open to the idea that “everyone” should be considered when it comes to choosing a new Bond.

Bond Actor’s Wife Weighs In

Though it seems that his wife, fellow actress Rachel Weisz doesn’t agree about a female 007:

“[Fleming] devoted an awful lot of time to writing this particular character, who is particularly male and relates in a particular way to women. Why not create your own story rather than jumping on to the shoulders and being compared to all those other male predecessors? Women are really fascinating and interesting and should get their own stories.”

Meanwhile, there have been multiple calls to completely overhaul the character over the last several years. From requests of a black James Bond played by Idris Elba, to even a transgender James Bond.

Many within the industry have been rallying behind the idea of foundational changes behind the British spy.

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