In the wake of Anas Abdin’s tragic loss in his lawsuit against CBS, a lot has happened.

A GoFundMe campaign set up by Gary Buechler, successfully raised $20,000 for an appeal.

While that news was quite welcome, Mr. Abdin has since received heinous death threats in the days following.

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In the original lawsuit, the judge ruled in favor of CBS.

Anas Abdin Plans to Appeal

The original suit was based on the grounds that Star Trek: Discovery directly used images and story concepts from Abdin’s point-and-click video game, Tardigrades.

As of October 11th, Abdin posted on his blog that he was going to appeal.

He also Tweeted:

In the responses, the pro CBS trolls came out:

The disparaging remarks and tweets would continue a few days later:

They even tried to say Anas stole music:

It would not take long for the snide comments to escalate.

On October 18th, they started to take a darker turn:

Two days later, the full on death threats started:

As you can see, pretty despicable stuff here.

Even before and during the lawsuit, Mr. Abdin was bullied and threatened by unhinged Discovery fans:

No One Deserves This

Here you have a man standing up for his livelihood and family, and in return, he gets the worst kind of human depravity.

I spoke to Anas Abdin this morning. He’s in good spirits and steadfast in his resolve.聽He told me that he sometimes receives up to 10 emails a day threatening harm to him or his entire family.

No human being should have to get used to this type of treatment.聽While the fervor of Star Trek: Discovery fans is understandable, this type of hatred toward another human being is not.

Maybe it’s recency bias, but this new generation of fans have forgotten one of the tenets of Star Trek, and that is to better ourselves.

On a personal note, I’ve befriended this man and I know Anas Abdin’s character.聽He and I share many of the same struggles in life.聽I can truly say that Anas Abdin is a genuine inspiration.

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