Launch days for video games are highly anticipated events for both developers and players. They can be a great success or dismal failure, depending on the game.

It’s no different for WWE fans, who were clamoring to get their hands on WWE 2K20 today. Enthusiasm quickly turned to anger and confusion, however.

It appears that the game shipped with a number of bugs and glitches, some that were even game breaking. As of the time of this article, there’s still not a day one patch in sight.

Frustrated players quickly took to social media, the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 becoming a top trend within 4 hours of the game’s launch.

Some of the glitches make for hilariously funny tweets, but the issues that players are dealing with are no laughing matter.

Here’s some of the better ones:

Boy, that ref can break it down.

How about Dakota Kai versus Ronda Rousey?

Oof, poor Ronda. Hey, at least Dakota has that new crab walk we never knew she had in her arsenal.

Next up, we have Charlotte Flair, who has recently been moonlighting at the gentlemen’s club in her spare time:

What about the graphics you say? Let’s check out the Rock as he makes his way to the ring:

Apparently, the Rock was not available, so we got Maven on a budget salary.

Our next one is perfect for Halloween, since I’ve never seen more horrific hands in my life:

More greatness from the creative suite:

Finally, did you know the IIconics are wrestling for the new promotion WEW? Congrats!

As humorous as these may be, no game should be released in this state.

One has to ask, how in the world did this pass quality check?

The silence is deafening from 2K Games so far.

While players continue to post on the official forums and flood social media with issues, there hasn’t been so much as a Tweet from the developers.

It’s almost certain that a patch is being worked on behind the scenes, but this launch will have to be considered an abject failure.

In recent memory, this may be one of the worst game launches since Fallout 76.

No game is ever 100 percent smooth, but players expect it to at least be playable upon its release.

If you’re a WWE fan and gamer, you will definitely want to consider sitting this year out.

What do you think, gamers? Share your thoughts and horror stories below.

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