A pair of popular Japanese dancers have noticed that the dance moves seen in the end credits of the anime Stars Align bear a striking resemblance to their original choreography, prompting the production team for Stars Align to investigate the alleged plagiarism.

Stars Align is a new drama series produced by Eight Bit and airing on the Tokyo Broadcasting Station following transfer student Maki Katsuragi as he joins his school’s tennis club against a backdrop of physical and emotional abuse in his home life.

The show’s end credits feature the various characters performing choreographed dance routines at different locations across the high school campus:

On October 22nd, popular dancer and choreographer Melochin posted a tweet featuring a side-by-side comparison of the Stars Align ending with a choreographed dance routine made by himself in 2016:

Melochin also asked his fans to not contact the companies involved, noting that he was in the process of reaching out to them:

Shortly after, another popular dancer named Miko posted a similar comparison between her own original choreography, uploaded in 2018, and the Stars Align ending animation:

Eventually, whether through widespread attention to the issue or from Melochin’s personal involvement, the production team for Stars Align took to the show’s Twitter account to announce that they are currently investigating the accusations:

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