For about a year, we’ve been hearing Warner Bros. is ditching DC film continuity started by Zack Snyder. Though not 100-percent confirmed, the idea gathers more weight all the time, and there’s a fresh hint Warner Bros. will reboot things very soon.

A new article in Empire Magazine indicates rebooting the Extended Universe starts with Wonder Woman 1984. We don’t know if they use a Flashpoint McGuffin, or if Patty Jenkins does something involving Max Lord. But, nonetheless, a good deal of continuity will change or get ignored.

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Before Batman v. Superman, Diana withdrew from mankind after World War I and the death of Steve Trevor, probably staying on Themyscira that whole time. In Wonder Woman 1984 – set over 20 years prior to BVS – the circumstances are the opposite.

As written in Empire, it’s Themyscira “presumably” that’s out of bounds:

“Barring flashbacks, Diana’s home of Themyscira remains (presumably) closed to her. Sixty-six years since the end of World War I, her old comrades are dead and her Justice League fellows are still children. This Diana faces the world entirely isolated and alone.”

More than that, Diana is still playing hero very publicly, which we reported, and inspiring others. One of them is Barbara Minerva, who becomes Cheetah, wanting to be a superhero too, like her idol.

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The Trouble with Steve

Then Empire tackles the bigger issue: what brings back Steve Trevor? He might not be the real Steve. For BVS and Justice League to count, he either can’t be or is separated from her yet again. The author writes:

“Except, of course, for the biggest mystery of this film: Chris Pine is apparently back as Steve Trevor. In a shell suit. Is he a figment of her imagination? A clone or improbably similar-looking grand-nephew? Have the gods taken a hand in Diana’s life and resurrected him? If the Batman v Superman canon counts anymore (and that is a big if), then this film will end with the pair parted once more. But maybe there is some path to happiness for them. If Steve Rogers got back to Peggy Carter, who’s gonna stop Diana Prince?”

“Big if,” indeed. The rumor that Wonder Woman 1984 is a reboot entails Chris Pine plays the same Steve as before, resurrected to alter the timeline and justify recasting Batman and Superman.

Warner Bros. already replaced Ben Affleck with Robert Pattinson for Matt Reeves’ The Batman so that’s taken care of. Other casting choices – such as Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon – demonstrate the film, out in 2021, is a full reboot.

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Superman is a different story. Despite repeated denials Henry Cavill is done as Superman, Man of Steel 2 is nowhere in sight. And, furthermore, the word is JJ Abrams, newly under contract with WB, will finally get to make a Superman movie.

Sources say Abrams doesn’t want a Supes nearing 40 and wants to look for someone new, an age closer to Pattinson’s Dark Knight. They also say he, Reeves, and James Gunn will relaunch the DCEU with their respective projects

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For a while, the belief was they would wait until The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller to canonically explain a continuity shift through time travel and the Speed Force. That film’s constant delays and changes of director may have had a hand in Warner Bros. initiating a plan B.

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But, when the studio holds onto Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Margot Robbie, and the nexus of the old Suicide Squad, I can’t help but wonder what kind of a reboot they’re aiming for.

Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters on June 5th, 2020.