C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels described his character’s role in the Disney’s Star Wars sequels “felt like a table decoration.”

Daniels spoke with Express about his new book I Am C-3PO where he revealed his feelings on the past two Star Wars films as well as the fan reaction to Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi.

He detailed that he understands why fans are unhappy with The Last Jedi:

“Well, yes. I do understand why the fans are unhappy… It speaks to a devotion that they care so much that they mind if someone messes with it. I understand people being critical of the films.”

Daniels would go on to comment about the difficulty Mark Hamill has had with the Disney sequel trilogies. In fact, he empathizes with Hamill because it’s happened to him as well.

“I know it has been particularly difficult for him (Hamill) lately because the new movies haven’t given him much to do. I certainly recognise that and can relate to it.”

That’s when Daniels noted that his role as C-3PO felt like a “table decoration.”

“In these new movies, I have felt like a table decoration. And that is difficult because I recognise this character (C-3PO) is worth so much more. But I understand it is a whole film, not a feature about C-3PO.”

He adds that he’s been disappointed with the treatment of C-3PO.

“That is just my personal disappointment. I get paid whether or not he does anything but it would be nice for him to have a purpose.”

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Daniels and Hamill are not the only ones who have expressed disappointment in how their characters have been treated by Disney in the sequel trilogy. Admiral Ackbar actor Tim Rose detailed that he was not only disappointed by Ackbar’s role in The Last Jedi, but that he was humiliated on set as well.

Ackbar voice actor Tom Kane also expressed frustration with how the character was handled in The Last Jedi:

“And I was not really thrilled how they blew him out the side of a ship. I’m like who is this Holdo woman? Nobody knows her. No one is invested in her. Who is she? Why is she saving the fleet? If anyone’s going to save the fleet it would be Ack….”

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But it’s not just Disney’s sequel trilogy that Daniels discusses. He also noted that the prequel trilogy wasn’t very fun.

“It was certainly a bit weird in the prequels. But I accepted the storylines were very different. I was very glad to be there although they weren’t that much fun to do.”

However, he’s optimistic his and C-3PO’s role in The Rise of Skywalker will be much more important than the previous two films.

“C-3PO has a major arc. I am very satisfied with what I had to do in this movie and I am very satisfied with everything I know about this movie.”

He added, “From everything I have seen so far, it is really rather good.”

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“I’m front and center in this one for a lot of it. That made me feel very happy and very excited. Because the stuff we do is magic. The inventiveness superb. And so for me and for 3PO this is a very good bye-bye moment. Enjoy.”

Daniels’ book, I Am C-3PO, is available in both print and as an audiobook.

What do you make of Anthony Daniels’ comments about C-3PO’s role in the Star Wars sequels?

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