Ruby Rose’s Batwoman continues to bleed viewers after the premiere of episode 5, “Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale.”

According to TV Series Finale, Batwoman’s 18-49 demo rating stayed steady at .30 from week four. However, the show’s total viewership declined from 1.287 million to 1.16 million. That means the show lost over 127,000 users between episode 4 and episode 5. It was almost a 10% decline.

The show’s premiere saw 1.86 million viewers. That means since the premiere the show has seen 700,000 people tune out. That’s a 37.6% decline.

Batwoman is not the only CW Arrowverse show that is bleeding viewers. Supergirl Season 5 premiered with 1.263 million viewers. With the debut of Episode 5, “Dangerous Liaisons,” the show’s total viewers is at 783,000. The ratings for the show have fallen from .37 at the premiere to .20.

Supergirl has lost 480,000 viewers since its premiere episode. The show has seen a 38% decrease in its audience since the premiere.

Black Lightning is also struggling to maintain its viewership. The show’s latest episode, The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four,” earned a .17 rating with 524,000 total viewers. That’s down 14.24% from episode three which saw 611,000 viewers tune in with a .21 rating.

Black Lightning premiered with 891,000 total viewers and a .32 rating. The show has lost 41.2% of its audience from its premiere.

While Batwoman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning continue to decline, The Flash has seen some positive numbers with its latest episode. Episode 4, “There Will Be Blood” debuted with a .52 rating and total viewers of 1.479. That was up 7.17% from episode 3 which saw 1.380 million total viewers and a .51 rating.

However, Episode 4 was still lower than the premiere episode. The premiere had 1.622 million total viewers with a .60 rating. The Flash has only seen an 8.8% decline between the premiere and episode 4.

Arrow Season 8 has also seen it’s total viewership and ratings decline, but after episode 3, it appears those numbers are stabilizing.  Episode 3, “Leap of Faith,” saw 762,000 viewers tune in with a .27 rating. That was only down 1.42% from episode 2 which saw 773,000 viewers tune in with a .28 rating.

Arrow’s Season 8 premiere had 842,000 total viewers and a .34 rating. The decline from episode 1 to episode 1 is similar to The Flash with a 9.5% decrease.

The Flash and Arrow look like their audience’s are stabilizing, while Batwoman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning continue to take on water with no end in sight.

What do you make of these TV ratings and viewership numbers? Do you think Batwoman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning could be on the chopping block at The CW?

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