Netmarble Announces New Magic The Gathering Mobile Game Magic: ManaStrike

Netmarble and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up for a brand new Magic the Gathering mobile game titled Magic: ManaStrike.

In a press release, Netmarble describes the game as a “mobile synchronous combat game that brings characters such as Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren and more – to life in an all-new genre.”

Based on the short gameplay footage shown in the announcement trailer above, the game appears to see players collecting traditional cards and units inspired by Magic: The Gathering.

You can take a look at some of the cards below:

Those cards, units, spells, and characters will then be brought to life in 3D.

The press release details the game offers “simple, tactical, and strategic gameplay through its user-friendly interface.”

The focus of the game definitely looks like it will be on Player vs. Player combat.

Netmarble explains:

“Players begin with a detailed tutorial, which guides them through the game’s early stages. After choosing a pre-made deck of cards from one of Magic’s five iconic colors – White, Blue, Black, Red or Green – players will fight against live opponents, where quick tactics and fast play reign supreme on the battlefield. As they progress, players will collect new cards and enhance their units (inspired by Magic: The Gathering’s deep library of creatures) to suit their individual playstyles and strategies.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Netmarble to bring Magic: ManaStrike to mobile gaming fans around the world,” said Eugene Evans, VP, Business Development, Wizards of the Coast.

Evans continued:

“We were drawn by Netmarble’s reputation as a global leader in mobile games and its known passion for putting a unique twist on the genre. As a new Magic-inspired experience, Magic: ManaStrike is an action-packed way to discover the Magic multiverse, and we can’t wait to welcome new players to the community.”

“Working with Wizards of the Coast on Magic: ManaStrike was great, and we are proud of the experiences we built together to bring the brand to a whole new genre of gameplay,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer of Netmarble.

He added that more details about the game will be revealed soon.

“More details on Magic: ManaStrike will be shared soon. We want to assure fans our game acts as a fresh new addition to Magic: The Gathering, and we are eager to introduce what makes Magic: The Gathering special to even more players.”

Those details might come sooner rather than later as Netmarble plans to showcase the game’s gameplay at G-Star 2019 in Busan, South Korea which takes place between November 14 and November 17.

Netmarble is the mobile game studio behind Marvel Future Fight, Lineage 2: Revolution, Destiny Knights, Seven Knights, Knights Chronicle, Iron Throne, BTS World, and The King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

From the brief gameplay footage, it looks very similar to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War from Pixel Toys.

That game also features deck building and card collecting with iconic heroes from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar series. Those cards are then brought to life in 3D as players battle against each other and try to outwit and destroy their opponents.

What do you make of Magic: ManaStrike? Do you plan on checking it out when it becomes available?

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