The Mandalorian has arrived with the launch of Disney’s Disney+ streaming service, and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have been revealed.

Rotten Tomatoes

The Rotten Tomatoes audience score currently sits at 94% from 310 users with an average rating of 4.6/5.

Here’s what users are saying:

Scott S gives the show 5 stars. He writes, “As someone who grew up with Star Wars as a kid, I’ll just say this is the Star Wars we’ve been waiting for. This and Rogue One are the only additional canon to the original trilogy for me.How can they get it so right with this and be so off with the new trilogy and prequels?”

Rich A gives the show 5 stars. He writes, “Best Star Wars live action I’ve seen since the original trilogy. Everything the newest movies should have been.”

Shawn20 F gives the show 5 stars. They write, “Very pleased with visuals, ambient sound, music, dialogue, casting, and story. It was a real star wars experience they are building lore with out holding your hand and allowing you enjoy the story.”

Alec G gives the show 5 stars. He writes, “This was amazing. Great to see some things done the old way – not everything needs CGI. Beautiful story. Great potential, especially if they keep the mystery.”

Nathan Y gives the show 3 stars. He writes, “Feels like your average TV sci-fi drama. Was expecting more of a “Firefly meets Breaking Bad” flare. SORELY disappointed. Star Wars fans will be satisfied and wanting more. That opening scene though!”

R V gives the show 5 stars. They write, “Awesome show! Jon Favreau should do the next Star Wars movie trilogy.”

Judy C gives the show 3 stars. She writes, “So…something is off. I wasn’t captivated as I hoped to be. Visuals were nice if a bit stagnate. (Watching on a 70″ 4K streaming through Nvidia Shield so it’s not hardware) Perhaps the script is off. Dialogue could use improvement. Keeping my fingers crossed they make this better…err, work.”

PEter R gives the show a 1 star. He writes, “The cast so far leaves a lot to be desired.It seems like with the exception of Pedro, that is where they saved their money.”

Terry L gives the show 4 stars. They write, “As a review of just the pilot episode, I certainly would not say it was fantastic… Rather it was very very good. It absolutely hooked me to continue to watch the rest of the series. I had little issues here and there but that is as expected with any new show. But what I certainly can say is beyond the nostalgia effect.. It felt very much like Star Wars, Where some of the recent endeavors have not.”

Adam L gives the show 4 stars. He writes, “Likable protagonist and interesting plot. Looks like its shaping up to be a very entertaining series.”

Met S gives the show 2 and a half stars. They write, “Pacing was awkward and the dialogue was stale. I was not invested in any character I saw. I felt nothing. Very unimpressed with the first episode. Who knows, it could get better. I doubt it.”

Mihail M gives the show 2 stars. He writes, “The first episode was not special at all. So many things happened without explanation. Too “rushy” . They wanted to bring the final scene in the first episode and wverything else was just on the background with Star Wars Episode IV vibe.”

Magnus S gives the show 2 and a half stars. They write, “Great visuals, shallow story and characters.”


The Metacritic User Score sits at 7.5 with 62 positive ratings, 2 mixed ratings, and 16 negative ratings.

Rickremi gives the show a 9. They write, “Really well done. Feels like starwars. The score is a little underwhelming but overall I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Mal81 gives the show a 9. They write, “So far, the tone they have set is excellent. You can really see the influences of Rogue One all throughout. As with most stories, they have to grab your attention right away if they want you to see it through. They have mine.”

Iserlohn14 gave the show a 0. They write, “Not sure why I even bothered, everything Disney has done with Star Wars has been a disappointment and this is no exception. Favreau is a journeyman director who brings nothing fresh to the table, and the plot is the same warmed-over “edgy hero who isn’t actually edgy in fact he’s a huge softie” that everyone saw coming from a mile away. Learn from my mistake and skip it.”

MahbubAli92 gives the show a 0. They write, “Crappy generic story, borrows heavily from genre cliches just like everything else Disney does. Pascal is completely forgettable and the FX are painfully TV-grade. If this is what the execs are counting on to carry the banner once the movies end, they are in for a world of hurt.”

BabeRuthless38 gives the show a 0. They write, “I liked this show better when it was called Samurai Jack…

that might sound like a compliment, but it’s really not. After all the hype this is such a generic, pointless show that the nicest thing you can say about it is that it’s a fifth rate cliche version of a few better shows. The characters are flat and goofy, the setting is stale, and just like with the Solo movie the entire thing just screams “no reason to exist except to stuff money down Mickey Mouse’s pants.”

Sprat51 gives the film a 7. He writes, “Got up at 6am to watch the first episode with other diehard SW fans. We thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed at all the right beats. The world building aspects is what impressed us the most. Obviously there were some pretty generic first episode scenes, but we absolutely are impatiently waiting for the next episode.”

Julian111 gives the film a 4. They write, “Well it is just OK. It is a kind of a “safe” show and it is too short. You can not get invested in a live-action show in only 35 minutes.”

kirkender gives the film a 8. They write, “Hey Y’all. It’s a Star Wars show. Its fun, fast paced, action packed, mysterious, and a little funny. It’s capturing the glorious pulp serial magic that Star Wars was originally based on, but with the high budget treatment. Love it. Nostalgic elements for the mega fans without being cheeky or naval gazing.”

Modeyv2 gives the film an 8. They write, “It’s a Star Wars Samurai Jack. Loved the direction it’s heading and the character.”

Have you seen The Mandalorian? What did you think?