If you’re reading this, then you’re more than likely aware of everything that’s gone down over the summer. Still, allow me to summarize. Professor Xavier, Magneto, and the still publicly presumed deceased, Moira MacTaggert, have constructed a thriving sovereign nation for mutant kind. Using Krakoa, the living island, to build the ground beneath their feet, grow their food, and shelter them, they’ve also developed their means of generating international trade.

X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

Atop of producing a sophisticated portal system, Krakoa also grows flowers that bear three drugs which greatly benefit humans. At a price, the Krakoa nation offers these miracle drugs to countries willing to sign a treaty and recognize them as a legitimate sovereign nation. Most nations have agreed to the terms set by the newborn state but there are hold outs, including one of, if not the most advanced nation on the face of the planet. Wakanda.

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X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

What’s their reason? Well, that’s unknown, but the only explanation given to us came by way of a single statement from a House of X data page: ‘THEY DON’T NEED MUTANT DRUGS.’

And that makes a lot of sense. Chances are, they don’t need any help from Krakoa in the way of medical advancement. Wakandan technology and medicine are beyond what is considered the ‘cutting edge.’ Whether or not the African nation refuses to acknowledge Krakoa simply because they don’t need help, hasn’t been confirmed, but there could other reasons.

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X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

At the moment, Krakoa very much practices isolationism, not very different from what ways of Wakanda itself. The two nations possibly have more in common than not, but that may be where their problem lies. They’re now international trade rivals. Wakanda enjoys an economy where they hold all the cards. They are the only real source of high-grade vibranium on the planet. The world comes to them and begs by the billions. Krakoa now offers them something almost as valuable as almost unbreakable, near-magical materials. Life.

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X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

What countries would be normally waiting in line for, with Wakanda, they’ll at least be diverting some of those funds to Krakoa instead. This puts Wakanda in a precarious position. In Star Trek, Star Fleet and the Federation do not share technology with other civilizations that are not part of their union. Wakanda similarly doesn’t share their advancements with anyone outside of their country. This has long put them at odds with their ‘allies.’ However, Krakoa is not just trading with other countries, but also allowing them access to their research.

X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

Ok, I’ve made some points, but where do I get off asking if Wakanda is a threat to Krakoa? I’ll tell you.

In Benjamin Percy’s X-Force #1 we’re introduced to a new foe for the mutants. A fiercely paranoid, seemingly international group of masked anti-Krakoa representatives. While conducting a meeting the cadre is successfully infiltrated by Domino, but she’s discovered and eventually captured. If you look closely at the members in the meeting, you’ll notice one or two that appear to be wearing African-style clothing.

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X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

In reality, Wakanda isn’t the only African nation that hasn’t signed a treaty with Krakoa, but they are the most prominent by a large margin. Of course, even if they are Wakandans it doesn’t necessarily mean that their presence is a reflection of the country’s opinion. They could very well be acting alone. Truth be told, there’s more against the idea that Wakanda is a threat than for.

X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

The country, like many others, does possess mutant citizens, such as X-Man trainee, Gentle. Also, their king, T’Challa, has long been an ally of the X-Men, having briefly married one in the past (Storm).

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More recently than that, they housed Jean Grey’s X-Men team and sponsored her bid to have mutant-kind recognized as a nation when she went in front of the United Nations. All great points, but today is a new day.

X-Men: Is Wakanda an Enemy of Krakoa?

Wakanda, Kenya, Canaan and Azania, all have yet to sign a treaty with Krakoa.

When Professor X telepathically broadcasted his less than friendly ultimatum to the world, he surely ruffled some feathers. No one likes being backed into a corner, especially if they’re used to setting the parameters for peace/ trade negotiations. Keep in mind that the X-Men haven’t won any goodwill with Wakanda by allying with Atlantis (Wakanda’s sworn enemy nation) on several occasions in the past. Not to mention, that nation’s monarch is a mutant himself.

You’ve heard me ramble on. What do you think? Is Wakanda on course to clash with Krakoa, or will cooler heads prevail? Let us know below.

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