It director Andy Muschietti confirmed he’s adapting an Attack on Titan live-action project.

In a recent interview Muschietti spoke on why he’s interested in tackling on Attack on Titan.

He stated:

“Well, I am fascinated by Attack on Titan as a story that I first saw in the anime and then the manga. Probably in the wrong order. But that’s how it came to me. And I find it fascinated. There’s a lot of themes there that I’m attracted to and I want to talk to. And it’s also a fascinating horror adventure. There’s also all the elements of human drama that are very strong in there. All of that is really attracted to me. So, I really want to do it.”

Last October, Variety reported that Muschietti was attached to direct an Attack on Titan live-action project for Warner Bros.

“Muschietti will direct a feature film adaptation of “Attack on Titans” for Warner Bros. The studio finalized a deal with Japan-based publishing company Kodansha on Monday.”

Muschietti also discussed Macross and Robotech. He stated:

“I’m not a hardcore manga and anime consumer. But in my life, I’ve had some experiences that were impactful to me, and Macross was probably one of the strongest one. Robotech growing up was incredibly impactful to me.”

He elaborated:

“And Robotech, Macross turned Robotech because it was filtered through Harmony Gold and then it came to the world packaged like Robotech. It was so revolutionary and groundbreaking that it completely shattered my mind. It’s a story that is still in my heart. And you know that we are developing also.”

Muschietti confirmed he will be adapting Attack on Titan first and then Macross second.

The Hollywood Reporter announced back in July 2017 that Muschietti had been tapped to direct a Macross/Robotech adaptation.

“Andy Muschietti, who directed the upcoming film version of Stephen King’s It, has been tapped to develop and helm the studio’s adaptation of the anime featuring giant armored warriors.”

Muschietti did not provide a timeline. But back in August he confirmed he would be working on a Flash movie for Warner Bros.

Muschietti told Fandango that Flash would be his next project. He simply replied, “Yup” when asked.

As for what attracted to him Flash, it was similar to Attack on Titan. He explained:

“An element of horror? I don’t think so. What captivated me about the Flash is the human drama in it. The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama [of it]. It’s going to be fun, too. I can’t promise that there will be any horror [elements in it], really, but it’s a beautiful human story.”

What do you make of Andy Muschietti’s comments on Attack on Titan and Robotech? Are you looking forward to either film?

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