During the Paris Comic-Con Star Trek: Picard panel, Patrick Stewart took the opportunity to talk about and promote the show’s diversity and declared that “diversity is increasingly important in the world of showbiz and entertainment.”

Stewart stated:

“You see before you five actors. And we are each one of us, from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. Now, I don’t think that was a conscious act when this series was being cast, but it’s absolutely appropriate that it should be so. Because diversity is becoming increasingly important in the world of showbiz and entertainment.”

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Stewart then promotes his upcoming film, Charlie’s Angels, as an example of diversity and “female empowerment.”

“In two weeks’ time, there is a new Charlie’s Angels movie opening. And if you want to see something about female empowerment.”

Stewart for many years has called for more diversity in entertainment. Back in 2015 while speaking to The Stage at the UK Theatre Awards, the actor commented on what he thought would improve British theatre. His answer? Diversity.

“We’ve made great advances in diversity of casting, and that’s something I hope to see growing and growing and growing.”

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Patrick Stewart

He added:

“Already, in my lifetime, in my career, significant advances have been made, and I look forward to the thrills that await people in theatre, in television and on film from British actors from all racial backgrounds having the same opportunity.”

He then called for more women writers, “You cannot magic these roles out of thin air. We need more writers, which means more women writers too, being encouraged and being produced. If you’re not produced, what’s the point? That’s also what I look for. When I speak of diversity, I’m thinking of gender diversity too.”

Star Trek: Picard will debut on CBS: All Acess in the United States and Amazon Prime globally on January 23rd, 2020.

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