Star Wars actor John Boyega recently revealed he didn’t know fans believed that Star Wars and Lucasfilm “did Finn dirty” in The Last Jedi.

The revelation came after a rather positive fan interaction, A fan indicated they were not fans of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but were fans of John Boyega’s Finn.

Andre Felipe Maccarini wrote, “I’m not a fan of 7 or 8 but I liked your character from the start. Really wish they’d developed it more and didn’t completely waste him in 8.

Boyega responded by acknowledging the fans complaints, but encouraged him to give The Rise of Skywalker a shot. Not only did he encourage him to see the film, but he also noted that he argued for Finn to have a larger role in the film.

Boyega wrote, “I hear you! Give it a shot ep 9! I was really adamant on more Finn involvement. Hopefully you like it!”


The interaction was praised by Twitter user Price of Reason, who wrote, “Say what you want about the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy but it’s hard not to respect John Boyega. Here’s a Star Wars fan that criticized Ep 7 + 8 and I think John responded to him both fairly and candidly.”

One user would then respond writing, “They really did Finn dirty. He has the most interesting backstory of all the new characters and they decided to push him to the side instead. It sucks.”

Boyega then responded revealing he didn’t know fans felt this way about Finn.

Price of Reason explains why Boyega might not have known that many fans feel this way about Finn’s story arc in The Last Jedi.

They write:

“John, the media has promoted a narrative that fans that didn’t enjoy The Last Jedi are bad people. In reality, most fans felt like you had the most interesting storyline in The Force Awakens but your character was downgraded and sidelined in The Last Jedi. You deserved Better!”

What do you make of Boyega’s response?

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